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withcer 2 - 2 quests not working [xbox]

withcer 2 - 2 quests not working [xbox]

Getting really frustrated by this game. I purchased it via xbox live digital download and have loved it so far but flaws started showing up. I the quest "The Walls Have Ears" when i toggle the quest to visit Olcan's house (1) The directional arrow doesn't appear on the mini map showing me where to go (2) When I enter Olcan's house there is nothing to be found (no mess or papers on the floor). Also the quest "Hunting Magic" after I retrieved the second crystalized dream I tried to place it in the projector but the projector won't function (can't select it) so I thought maybe I have to collect all the dreams first before it will let me activate it but after I collected all the dreams it still wont allow me to use it. If the answers to this issue are in the forum somewhere I greatly apologize, I did take the time and try to find it to no avail. Thank you for your time.
The quests around the accusation of Stennis are buggy and sometimes end up leaving you without guidance or get marked failed even if you finished them. I haven't seen that problem (nothing in Olcan's house) before; are you sure it is the right house? (On the right, in the cul-de-sac below the market.) I have not seen "Hunting Magic" go bad that way; did you remove the Letho's Dream (pink) crystal from the viewer (this also triggers the fight with the Harpy Queen)?

You may want to go back, if you can: to a save before you talk to Philippa about finding Triss's scarf.
Thanks for the response. I went back to a save file before I pulled Letho's dream from the projector and it started work at that point (still don't know why it didn't before but i digress). As far as the the Olcan's house deal, it is still flawed. I've watched youtube videos to make sure of the house (one on the right at the end of the cul-de-sac) and when they walk in there are papers on the floor and the Geralt says there is a "Strange aura"......none of that happens with me even though the quest is selected and it says to investigate Olcan's house.
Remember that you've been told you may not be able to carry out all of the investigation? It may be related to that.
Have you done Baltimore's quest yet? (The one that starts from the Projector dream of the dwarf running).
On PC, it's only possible to get a positive result from Olcan's house if you've already progressed Baltimore's Quest and With Flickering Heart. This is by design, so not a bug. I would assume that it's the same on Xbox.
The trigger point is, as Guy mentioned, telling Philippa that you have Triss's scarf, as this triggers the entire Stennis sequence. So if you want completion on all sidequests, you may need to revert back to before that conversation. But if you don't want to go back, you can proceed the game without finding Olcan's secrets.
Thanks for the advice dragonbird, I haven't done baltimore's quest yet. I'll do that quest and see if it allows me to continue The Walls Have Ears...if not I not to terribly worried about finishing it if it is not necessary for game progression.