A short goodbye

A short goodbye

Hey folks!Sadly, I have decided to leave CDP RED.I wanted to thank you for great cooperation and awesome relations I was able to establish with The Witcher community during my work in CDP RED.You are awesome crowd, thank you for everything. I had really great time cooperating with you.I am going to miss you ;(Peace!
Oh, my. That's rather a shock.I hope that you are moving on to something that will give you interesting new things to do. May your new endeavor bring you joy. :beer:
WHAAAAT ?!!?!?!?! No more king no more king no more king.......................
Let me put it this way. When Eriash asked me to have a private Skype conversation a couple of days ago and told me he has some important news I was like "Damn, he's going to tell me something more about TW2 at last!!!" and all my thoughts* were like this:
But then, as he told me what is written in the very first post of this topic all this went away and my thoughts* changed into this:
I believe the well-known characters say all that is needed to be said. We will definitely miss you, Eriash. Don't forget about us (as you promise you won't) and drop by as often as you wish. Hold on there, my friend.__________________________* Very special thanks to our own Unkreativ for making my thoughts visible.


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A short wave from me too... :wave:Take instruction from me and my avatar... Leave the tears :'( for those backing you up (from me) and Keep Smiling ;) all the way (from my avatar). Cheers :beer:P.S. - Just for laughs... as you walk out that door... just state: "Something ends, something begins" :peace:
Although it was made for a sad reason, I have to say that I LOVE the image of Vesemir blowing his nose on the hem of the King of the Wild Hunt's garment. That's priceless!
I don't know if I should cry or laugh (because of the pics)....anyway, take this big hug, Eriash.PS:Hey, can we stay still connected on facebook?
I know how all you feel When E broke the news I was in Shock he was the one that made me write a 4page report then I was offers the Job here as a Mod ;DWill miss you my old friend plz keep in touch will try my best to keep in touch with you.
Your departure from CDPR and the Witcher community is a great loss and makes me very sad I know You were always covered into work up to the ears but that was not in vain. I want to thank You for all what you did for us the community (and CDPR surely too though I don't know about that). You built the fansite project and gave much support to the fansites, made much efforts to help them besides your committments at CDPR. I can't speak for other fansites in detail but I'm very happy for all You did for our German fansite. Everybody appreciated it.I wish You good luck in your next job and don't forget to drop by P.S.The cartoon is excellent :beer:
Wish you luck and you will be missed.Damn it Daerdin!!Those picks are really ruining the atmosphere, can't stay sad...
Thank you so much. You are too kind. I am going to miss you so much!Thank you for everything, for awesome picture, kind words.Please, if you feel like connect with me (if you're not already:) ) on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin... !!! :)Peace!Paul
I don't really think its Good-Bye by rather Good-Luck as I don't think he'll truly leave us.Surely a game-fan soul like his can't resist to comment on The Witcher 2 when it arrives? Or maybe sooner, while we admire trailer or hints. :peace:
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