[Act I] Is Abigail bad and guilty?

This is such a great thread, glad I found it.I'm at the point of saving or not saving Abigail and I choose to save her I won't go into all the reasons as most of them have been thoroughly covered and re covered.Though I was wondering why she kept the doll in her house if she used it to have Odo kill his brother. Why would you need it unless it's just for us to see?Oddly though when I went to see her and Alvin before the Salamandra's hideout part. She was crying? or praying? Well specifically kneeling down in front of it with her hands together and moving back and forth.She also said she was making another spell. You could interpret that as she's casted one before and it didn't kill everyone? Going in the houses right after though while following Shani you find a heck of a lot of surviors.Reading someones past comment that people join the lion-head spiders are typically people that are around death or have experienced a loss of a loved one. Maybe it's a doll of someone she loved before? alla Russell Crowe's Gladiator (he kept wooden carvings of his son and wife and behaved similarly to them).idk I'm only this far and loving the game. Nice to not have things be so clear you yawn as you watch the cut-scenes.
Of course she's guilty. But if you let her live its "Making a choice". And the choice is not that of the "Lesser Evil" either. Later (if you had saved Abigail), in a cinematic (after the noonwraith quest) , Geralt admits he did not choose to save Abigail because he needed to choose the lesser evil. Its because "The reverend and his flock made a choice", and he was a witcher, who "solved human problems, not always by a sword".
Yes, Abigail is not an innocent woman but who of her accusers has a clean slate?There is this famous quotation from the Gospel of John (somewhere... ;-) about the adulteress):
Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.
I think I said this before In the world of the Witcher there is no Good or Bad just lesser evils.The so called leaders of that Village has something to hide and chose to blame what they did on just one person instead of looking at themselves.
You know, Geralt, sometimes it happens that Great Evil grabs your throat and says: "You have to choose bro, either me, or the other one, a bit lesser."Lesser Evil, Andrzej Sapkowski
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