Any news on 1.08 release yet?

Seriously, wtf are they waiting for? I've stopped playing because 1.07 is rubbish, do I seriously have to wait for 1.08? Can't they just realeas hot fixes or some shit?
There's supposed to be a hotfix for gog users about Skellige's Most Wanted, so I loaded a save and I finally managed to complete this quest!
If it's a hotfix for this quest alone or other bugs too, I do not know as there is no changelog.
This is why you don't do major patches. I appreciate the effort, but it's always wiser to do smaller incremental patches, and just release more of them regularly. That way you can isolate problems in a more efficient manner.

Steam also needs to allow patches to be optional, at the dev's discretion.
I must really be lucky here as 1.07 actually made my game run a lot better (PC). The two problems I encountered in 200 hrs were the old mutagen bug (fixed) and now the achievement bug from 1.07. Again I am not saying that I believe that my experience is the norm but after reading all of this I just have to feel very lucky.
Hmmmmm...lets see. Game releases May 19. Almost august. still waiting on a patch to fix a game that was already workin well way before the patch, 200 plus people, twiddling thier thumbs browsing IGN, slacking off of work....nope seems like we'll be waiting a looooong time for this damn patch to come out, but by then this game will be SLEPT for THE PHANTOM PAIN
Yeah, if I had to assume they'll be quiet about the upcoming patch. They seemed to get a ton of pressure over when they would release 1.07, after they'd announced what fixes they were working on with it. It seemed like they probably regretted talking about the patch before it was ready. I wouldn't be surprised with a stealth release of 1.08 after all that, really.
Sad to say it, but I'm personally putting a hold on my first playthrough of the game as "The Feast For Crows" being bugged/glitched for me and being totally unable to do it at the moment has significantly killed my urge to continue my playthrough until they release patch 1.08 which hopefully fixes these quest issues.

As of now, I'm putting the game on the back burner, sad to say. Guess it's over to Destiny for now.. have yet to play it but my brother has been pretty hooked.
Patch 1.08 will probably be a hotfix for issues introduced in 1.07, similar to how 1.05 was a hotfix following 1.04. With this in mind, I don't think it will be long before they release it.
I just want patch 1.05 back. I never had any problems with it. My main quest was just fine at the time. All I wanted was to get through my main quest and side quest, that's it. Minor bugs don't concern me but this new patch, just comes and breaks my game. It never broke on me before patch 1.07. I did complain a few times about the missible Zoltan gwent card for the collect em all trophy. Eventually I restarted a completely different saved playthrough and started a new. I then proceeded to rush through the game collecting all the gwent cards for my Platinum trophy on easy. It took me 2 days to do this, I honestly didn't mind going through it because I love this game so damn much. I got my platinum trophy and I continue to play it even after I've acquired all of the trophies. It's easy to see why I've stayed so long and continue to go through the game again and again on multiple playthroughs. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a masterpiece with a few minor bugs.

Who exactly wanted patch 1.07? Not me. I thought patch 1.05 was perfect, a few problems sure but not game breaking. CD RED did you improve the graphics for patch 1.07? Because I didn't see much of a difference, and graphics aren't everything. IMO They were already perfect during patch 1.05.

During 1.07 my game stuttered more than it usually does. I'm a huge fan of yours CD RED and I want you guys to succeed but what exactly happened here guys? Not once during the previous patches have I experienced a patch that completely breaks my main quest, after reloading and even when trying to load it back up it wouldn't work. I'm unable to talk to the quest giver (Roche) during Get Junior, a problem I've never had before.

I might get some back lash on here for saying this, but it's my opinion random citizen. Don't throw a tantrum over this, we can be civil about it.
What my thoughts are on the new additions to the game with patch 1.07:
The stash thing that was included: I didn't really care much for it because it makes sense to not have it originally. Geralt's always on the road traveling to new places. He should be forced to trade or sell his items/equipment for orens. If he wants them back he could always come back for them and buy them again with interest. That's how the economy works in this game I suppose. If CD Projekt Red was going for a more realistic feel they nailed it.

The new item inventory/book sorter: Are people really that lazy that they need a whole other section to locate their books? I guess this was a nice addition. Still it never bothered me once when I didn't have it, like oh a book sorter okay??? I never asked for this patch or even wanted it. Sorry to say but I'm looking forward to patch 1.08, I was hoping 1.07 would fix everything but it sure brought out some bad game glitches. I expect great things from you CD Projekt RED. We can hope that patch 1.08 fixes and addresses these problems, I have high hopes for you guys. I'm looking forward to it. Please don't break my game CD Projekt RED. I love the work you guys do and I appreciate the free DLC. I'm definitely pre-ordering Cyberpunk 2077. You guys are quality and it looks absolutely amazing.

The one thing that scares me the most during patch 1.07 is if I continue my 6th playthrough I'm afraid I might run into a game breaking glitch and will be forced to start all over again.
To be honest, I've never seen more weirdness in my game than after 1.07. But never anything gamebreaking, just annoying. While previous patches were actually game breaking. Indeed, 1.08 needs to be a 1.07 fix. But I'd prefer NG+ first :p
Quick update: All my stuttering problems and lags are gone at all, after i reinstalled the game and cleared a bit memory storage in system disk ( C ), it was only 0,95 GB available, and now it's ~ 3,5 GB, so game is perfectly playable now. Good luck to all!
Can't talk to olaf , hopefully that gets fixed too, and that merchant on the street corner that's bug for everyone on 1.07 as well.
There are actually tons of quest related bugs.
Get Junior - Cannot talk to Roche
Skellige's most wanted - The Werewolf won't die so the quest never finishes.
Novigrad Closed City - Quest Failed
Reason of State - Quest turns failed when starting "On Thin Ice"
Hey, you wanna look at my stuff? - Cannot interact with the merchant
Black Pearl - Nidas dies before you can reach him so the quest cannot be completed.
There are so many and in various severity, that it's not even funny. A had completed quests in 1.06, that now in 1.07 are impossible to complete.
BTW have you finished "Find them all" ? Because I cannot.

Not encountered issues with any of those but I am not actually sure if I have done "Find them all" as I still have a few question marks left and I don't remember the name. I did think I had the issue with the torch in Get Junior but after a few tried it let me interact. The guy in Black Pearl nearly died in my game but I just about managed to save him (I probably would have failed if I was on Deathmarch though).
I noticed (quite by accident) that in the Black Pearl Quest that the Drowners did not innate their attack until you surfaced. If you plan your final dive IE: id the location of the black pearl without taking it ,then dive with best breath potion in stock... it's possible to get the pearl and head towards the shore UNDERWATER ...once you surface the clock starts ticking.
I am waiting for 1.08. Hope it fixes all of the 1.07 flaws and some more general ingame things.

Then I will install the whole lot from scratch again and go for my second go through the game.:)

Is game time and achievements now permanently fixed? Because in my first run it all stayed messed up. Achievements didn't synchronize and I have no clue how much time I spent in the first run as it was stuck on 3 days or so.:(
I noticed (quite by accident) that in the Black Pearl Quest that the Drowners did not innate their attack until you surfaced. If you plan your final dive IE: id the location of the black pearl without taking it ,then dive with best breath potion in stock... it's possible to get the pearl and head towards the shore UNDERWATER ...once you surface the clock starts ticking.
Then the Killer Whale potion should help :).
Also you can pop up the selectionwheel while you swin towards the drowners. They wont kill him as long as you have the selectionwheel up and the world is in slowmotion.
The chest under water needs fixed the one in skellige were you locate this guys wife to be and his two brothers, forget what the quest was called.
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