[BUG] The Nobleman Statuette and The Soldier Statuette

Hm, maybe it's been fixed for clean installation or a new walkthroughs.

But in my case (1.05-1.06-walkthrough -> 1.07) it becomes even more broken than before. I did both quests before Triss had left Novigrad (1.05), then managed to Act 3 (1.07) and Nobleman Statuette quest reactivated again BUT with dialogs about Soldier Statuette, and in the quest I've met Soldier again. After that reactivated Nobleman Statuette quest stuck in my journal, although all checkmarks are green.
I'm also having this problem. I had both statue quests finished before Now or Never, and the Nobleman quest became active in my quest log after finishing the quest Blindingly Obvious.

I talk to Triss, we go to shady room, and then nothing else happens. No way to complete the quest and now I'm just standing in a shady room. Plz help!
having the same problem. did the nobleman before triss left, now after the fight at kaer morhan it pops up again, both for the nobleman (again) and for the soldier, which I didn't do earlier. no matter what dialog option I choose after we're in the room in the bits it breaks off and nothing happens.
there was 5 or 7 Mb patch trough steam yesterday. i havent tried, but my brother played it with the same steam account as mine, and the quest can be finished now
yep BUGGED on my end also...chalk this up to the about 20th main/side quest bug i've run into stopping me from completing achievements/side quests/main quests...etc..etc...im just finishing up the main story and leaving this poorly developed game deleted off my hard drive..doesnt deserve the space its taken...to note its been
-this bug leaving trish standing in a shop saying "yes geralt" and leaving this mission in my que like other bugged missions below.
-black pearl quest bugged and npc dies too quickly to finish and now greyed out and giving low xp once patched,
-velen bandit leader not dropping key to qwent card merchant locked in cage bug,
-qwent cards not stacking preventing card collector achievements,
-achievements broken for weeks now,
-fischlow haunting marker not getting greyed out leaving you to wonder if around for half hour looking for other ghosts/things to do/reloading multiple saves to try again only to realize after research its another bug
-wolf gear upgrade maps not sold/gear not where it should be on map preventing you from upgrading wolf gear
-"dont play with the gods" treasure hunt bug where if you looted the crate and left without killing the wraith it bugged the whole mission out and can no longer complete
-bug where if you finished "follow the thread" it auto locks you out of a side mission "flesh for sale" nobody had a clue about because "flesh for sale was never indicated as needed to be done before it threw you into "follow the thread".
*thats just some of the frustrating bugs i've decided to list...the development team needed another 6 months of testing and bug fixes before throwing this out to the masses to be lab rats and damaging their image (atleast they have in my eyes..this game is a buggy mess and very generic besides the story..which is just a small part).Shame on you CDPR
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The 1.08 patch DIDN'T HAVE FIX ANY OF THIS BUGS,come on guys..possibly before November..:sadtriss:
I love Triss and i want to do the stuck quest only for speak with her...
How can those quests be completed if Triss is not even hanging around Novigrad anymore in end-game?
Same circumstances - finish Blindingly Obvious -> two quests pop up, go with Triss to the room, nothing happens.

CDPR have been great about fixing stuff so far, so I hope this gets rectified soon.

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Say, anyone know if these quests are theoretically completable in the post-game? I'm so close to finishing I just wanna get that done with, but only if it doesn't count these two quests as failed.
Same here. I finished Blinding Obvious and the Soldier Statuette quest popped up again. The problem ist that i didn’t recognized it and already moved on to Skellige. The quest is now in my quest log and can’t be completed.
Bumping this in the hope of a fix/mod, it's literally the only thing keeping me from finishing the game.
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