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How about the next expansion of cards, is focused on neutrals, or seperate then into factions if needed, doesn't matter much, and add the remaining characters/ creatures from the book of the thousand fables/ fablesphere. Like musicians of blaviken, or the book itself, the rest of the characters were really captivating, and the combination of childhood fables and the wither makes it even better. The wicked witch and her broom which can literally be two seperate cards, or something similar to skellen where the witch creates her broom for some effect or whatever. The drank wolf, the pixies..even Rapunzel would work as Hanged Rapunzel, make it a cursed card since there was a specter of her haunting the tower when she hanged herself. Goldilocks could be a disloyal unit, since she steals the bears food. The naked nilfgardian emperor. Syannas ribbon could even be an artifact aswell, where it has a timer, and during that timer, any ally that does in your round is brought back, but once the timer rans off, it destroys itself and maybe even damages adjacent units by the power of the last unit the enemy played or something, not sure, throwing ideas out there.

Every character seems important to me and the possibilities are endless with them. And I think I speak for everyone.

I think this is a really cool idea for new cards, from an expansion that everyone loved in Witcher 3. The characters really captured me as a player even tho most of them were dead by the time geralt and syanna get there, but still. Magical moments in my gaming expirience.
I was thinking about Milva: sharpshooter, a card with kind of unique mechanic, that was nerfed to hell.
Imho, there are many ways to adjust the card to be playable and usable in competitive decks:
  • adrenaline tag - adrenaline 3, 2, 1: increase the damage by 1, 2 or 3 respectively
  • alternative adrenaline tag - adrenaline x: whenever an allied unit moves, gain 1 charge
  • reduce the provision cost to at least 9
  • give her more charges (2-3)
I've been playing Scoia'tael and gwent in general for a while, but I haven't been super active on the forums. Well, one of the archetypes I played a lot of was traps and this new update really helped with that, though I think there are a couple that fall short.
First, I'd like small boosts to Mahakam Horn and Crushing Trap. I think Horn should be one provision cheaper, 8 for 8 is a little underwhelming in the current game state.
For Crushing Trap, I think it should remove one point of armor then do the two damage, but only when ambush is triggered. This would help it synergize with Hostage Taker a little bit since that one also ignores armor. It also helps it play closer to its provision more often.

Sticky Situation feels pretty bad as it currently stands. It doesn't help at all in round three, and if you draw it in round one it's still hard to set up. The spring ability doesn't really play into the trap archetype and doesn't play for any tempo which is not good. This change keeps the theme of it losing value in latter rounds, but it still has value in round three. Another incentive to play this earlier is how it can contribute to overswarming your own board if you keep it, a problem I've found can happen with Deception and Riordain in round three.

Treant Mantis posioning units doesn't work very well with the trap archetype since then you have to include poison cards in your deck. None of which really synergize with anything else in traps. Turning into a unit is interesting and I could see keeping that as the spring ability, but as it currently is works against replaying it with Iorveth or transforming it with Eldain or Bearification. This change can be played around the same way as Incinerating and Spring trap, but the row condition makes it harder to know which one it is.

That change to treant mantis also means Brehen should be changed, which should probably happen anyways since there are other 8 provision destroys that work so much better. I haven't played much movement lately so I don't know how much the deck needs tutors, but 8 provision is about the norm for a conditional tutor, so I think this would see more play.

Finally, Trapmaker as it currently stands is worse than elven scout in almost every case. To get Trapmaker to play for more than scout you need three face down traps, the way I've found to set that up is deception and two crushing traps. But those will spring pretty soon any ways boosting scout to 10 points (compared to trapmakers 11). I think this change would make trapmaker play for more consistent points, while keeping the requirement to have traps on board. It also lets the opponent know what trap was turned over, making it easier to play around. I could totally see 4 provisions being too cheap for this effect though.

I think trying to make traps less unitless, is a good idea, and to help with that we could have traps that trigger when you do stuff. This is a cheap trap that could be used to trigger scout, protect Eibhear, and help trigger trapmaker (current version), or as a target for trapmaker (my suggestion). It also turns Prism Pendant into a playable card because the current version is almost useless.

I hope these changes make sense.


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My idea to rework The Heist. Honestly, I don't like the current version of Heist.


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The scenario is too weak for 14p. I would suggest:
Chapter 1: Spawn Elven deadeye on this row, then create and play a trap that is not in your starting deck. / or: Play a trap from your hand, then draw a card. Whenever a trap is triggered, damage random enemy unit by 2.
Chapter 2: Spawn [1] cargos on an allied row. Whenever a trap is triggered, increase the value by 1.
The scenario is too weak for 14p. I would suggest:
Chapter 1: Spawn Elven deadeye on this row, then create and play a trap that is not in your starting deck. / or: Play a trap from your hand, then draw a card. Whenever a trap is triggered, damage random enemy unit by 2.
Chapter 2: Spawn [1] cargos on an allied row. Whenever a trap is triggered, increase the value by 1.
Before I comment to your suggestion let me share my thought process while I was making the card.
1st. Because I didn't liked the interaction of Cargo and Angus so I decided to change The Heist.
2nd. While making chapter 1 of this scenario, it was boost by 2. But later I decided to make conditional boost by 2 so I added a clause " If a gold trap was triggered during your turn, then boost a random allied unit by 2 instead." But later I removed that too because in my point of view cargo into Isengrim or other Elf solider should create lot of points. Maybe it's just me because I am annoyed how cargo works. So, if you think scenario is weak then just by reverting boost back to 2, would make it appealing.
3rd. I wanted to change the power of Elven Scout to 5 but I was afraid of comments like it's straight powercreep so I didn't do it.

Now coming back to your suggestion, if chapter 1 creates and plays a trap then the progress requirement have to be changed.
Chapter 2, I don't want more Cargos.
I have been saying this a while now. There are many interesting ideas and art for these cards. The community has a lot of potential in adding new ideas to keep the game fresh. Sadly it would never be implemented. If only there is a way…
The amount of drain could be even higher for these provisions - maybe 4 or 5 ?
Maybe. I just hate current Regis: Bloodlust. There's nothing vampirey about him why is he milling stuff is beyond. Numbers can be tweaked but I just made it because I just don't like current Regis: Bloodlust.
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