CD Projekt RED has published their official statement about the leak of The Witcher 2 presentation movie

CD Projekt RED has published their official statement about the leak of The Witcher 2 presentation movie

“Of course, we can’t and won’t try to deny the facts. The movie that appeared on the various sites yesterday presents our newest project, The Witcher 2, which we’ve been working on for some time. We made something about half year ago, to present the first playable version of the game.” said Adam Kicinski, CEO of CD Projekt RED. “Currently we are looking for a potential publisher (or publishers) for this title, and this leak is an uncontrolled side effect of that process. For today, we are not commenting on anything that concerns the game itself.”More information about The Witcher 2 will be unveiled alongside the official announcement.
Leaks are annoying.But the facts announced due this leak are - undeniably - good news!Waiting to hear the official statement / announcement.Good luck CD Projekt RED. :peace:
Though it might be annoying to the developers side, it is a great info for the players and will cause a rush ;D
Ah well, you poor buggers, but unfortunately these things do happen. I can imagine how frustrating it might be, though. Still, whatever happens, good luck! :beer:
Leaks do happen, and it is very unfortunate when they do. I know on a couple other gaming forums people are very happy to know there is a sequel in development. :)
:eek: Just watched the video - now I understand why the devs don't want this put out early etc , but just think of us fans!. After seeing that .. [size=14pt]"I WANT IT NOW!"[/size] - just amazing guys .
it does look pretty awesome i have to admit! and thats not a word i use lightly... good luck folks! ;D
I think the downside is that the leak creates pressure on the devs for an early release which often results in a half baked product; personally as long as I know it's in the works I'm happy. On the upside whooopeee!!!! something to look forward to......
Geralts hair :p I hope for he Long hair for The The Witcher 2^^The Movie is Fantastic i Loved The Witcher i Hope The Release is not 2011 ;D
I really hope you guys get Doug Cockle for the voice of Geralt again. I don't know if I could handle someone else!
Ah. I knew that checking news every day would pay off one day. That day has arrived!Leaks. Oh but we do love leaks. They change the pace of the game and rise expectations. Obviously, well controlled leaks are even better. Now we _know_ it is for real. :)But it is an inevitable effect, that once you have shown _anything_ at all, you will get the following: [shouting] We want old [English] Geralt voice!!! [/shouting] Seriously, he is brilliant. He is... Geralt. Sign whatever contract he wants, rise the price for English version, sell whatever to whoever. Bring him back.P.S. And yeah, make him voice over all adventures too. No slacking off this time. :)
Nothing could have made me happier than to see this leaked video this morning. 8) Looking great! But I do hope that the current voice for Geralt is a placeholder, though.... ???
I rarely comment on forums, I tend to read more than comment.But I can't NOT comment on what I've just witnessed.As a person that rarely likes to play as a pre-created protagonist, i must say that the original Witcher had me hooked from the look of Geralt to his attitude he is amazing interpretation of the source material (LOL I'm guessing seeing as i can't read polish).If the hairstyle shown in this video is final or based on the books (which from seeing some of the artwork on the Wiki) seems to be then I'll roll with it.Although his original game style had so much 'tude to him.Either way the fighting looks incredible and even in it's alpha listed state looks better than hoped.Best of luck on this sequel and stopping up all the leaks ;)I for one will be waiting with my money in hand on day 1
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