CD Projekt RED has published their official statement about the leak of The Witcher 2 presentation movie

I personally believe that as the game has back then been in mere alpha status, they would have used a placeholder voice actor for Geralt and wouldn't worry about it too much. I'm sure CD Projekt RED knows well how fond most of the players are of the original voice actor of Geralt in the game and will do their best to bring the same actor back.Why hire a voice actor to act out lines for a brief demo, which would likely be rewritten / deleted during the production of the game anyway. It's in development, shouldn't take things for final!
When I saw this video today, I just screamed out of joy. I been waiting for this ever since i finished the Witcher(actually I have fininshed it like 6 times ;D). I know CDPR will once again give us an unforgettable game. I have the outmost confidence in you.I just have two wishes. Please use the same english voiceactor, him portraying Geralt is one of the best voiceacting I´ve ever heard. And second, please use the same composer, I still sit and listen to the soundtrack and dream away.
have to agree with the comments about the hair... thats the only thing i cringed at in the whole movie, is the way his hair is portrayed this time... daft I know given how incredible the rest of it looks!
MasterOfDarkness said:
Geralts hair :p I hope for he Long hair for The The Witcher 2^^The Movie is Fantastic i Loved The Witcher i Hope The Release is not 2011 ;D
Actually, I think throughout most if not all of the books he wears his hair in a band like that, maybe even a full-on pony-tail. Makes sense if you think about it. I know he's a Witcher and all, but in your face while fighting would suck.
Why not just cut the hair?Oh, and.. people shouldn't worry about the voice. Many games finalize the voices only in beta-phase and that was an alpha video.
Dear CDPR,I'm sure it's hard for you guys, to have this released before you're ready. Still, you know -- I HOPE you know -- that your fans are overjoyed to know that TW2 is in the works.Of course, many of us thought that it had to be, but it's nice to have it confirmed. ;)The game looks fabulous, guys! I mean, I knew whatever you came up with next would be fabulous, but I figure you'll want to hear that fan reaction to the leak is positive. :DAs for shopping for a publisher ... have you considering publishing it yourselves? Sell it for download, don't worry about boxes and crap, cut out the middle man, and keep all of the profits yourselves.Although I did like Geralt's original hairstyle, I think this one is a lot more practical, and it looks like the way Vesemir wears his hair in TW1, which means we have some in-game precedent for it. As for voice acting, I agree with Munq that this is probably just a guy that CDPR could get for cheap, enough to do the demo with. LIke everyone, I hope you guys get Doug C-o-c-k-l-e to reprise his role as Geralt. Even if you can't come to an agreement with him (and I'd think you could -- looking at his IMDB page, he hasn't been doing a whole lot since TW1), I would hope any new voice actor would listen to TW1 and get a sense of Geralt's usual rhythms and affect.So we get dragons this time? How cool is that! And it looks like Geralt will find the source of that witcher-eyed, dual-wielding assassin, which is the most important part -- the next part of the story!Thanks, CDPR. We'll wait as long as it takes -- take your time and do it up right; I know you would, anyway. ;)Love and kisses,CoryEdited to add:
Dezired said:
Why not just cut the hair?
Go wash your mouth out with soap, for suggesting that! :whatthe:
Stevefd said:
I think the downside is that the leak creates pressure on the devs for an early release which often results in a half baked product; personally as long as I know it's in the works I'm happy. On the upside whooopeee!!!! something to look forward to......
I don't think there will be a pressure on the devs because of the preterm delivery of TW2 Assassins of Kings. It's ready when it's done. Just the fact about the existence makes me happy 8)
Dezired said:
Why not just cut the hair?Oh, and.. people shouldn't worry about the voice. Many games finalize the voices only in beta-phase and that was an alpha video.
Eh....bottom line for me is Geralt is allowed to change his hair. I dunno why they chose to have it down and loose in TW1. Yeah, it looked tougher but...I dunno. If you look at a lot of Witcher art pre-game and if you've read the books, Geralt almost always has his hair in that half-ponytail. I kind of like it because it looks more "Eastern", which is a good way to separate out The Witcher world from other fantasy worlds. There is definitely sort of an exotic touch to it.
i see various character models. will we be able to mod it like the previous game to play using those character models?
*Hops out of lurkdom*WOW, now this just made my night! I loved the video to bits. And this is an Alpha vid! Stunning!I agree re: original voices. I hope we'll see many beloved characters again. Triss, Shani, Vesemir.....even Kalkstein!^^And my note to the amazing devs: Take all the time you need. Good stuff is worth the wait. You have my full confidence and support, insignificant as I am. :DRe: Geralt's changed looks... The hairstyle makes sense but his face seems less chiseled to me here and I kinda miss the close-ups which offer such stunning insight re: a character's mood. But I'm digressing. It's not finished yet and if that vid is an Alpha, I'm jumping for joy when I think out how the final product will look like! Thank you CDProject RED, keep up the good work!Persephone Chiara
I'm actually quite taken with the spiffy new ponytail :D As Corylea said, there's an in-game precedent for it already, so that's a continuity, but also it's a matter of practicality. As a person with long (waist-length) hair, I know how annoying it is when it's falling in your face all the time! :beer: And when you're moving about the place, or being physical in some way, it makes sense to tie it back somehow. Yep, rocking the new ponytail :D
lovelypsycho said:
As a person with long (waist-length) hair, I know how annoying it is when it's falling in your face all the time! :beer: And when you're moving about the place, or being physical in some way, it makes sense to tie it back somehow.
It would be interesting to correlate reactions to the new hairstyle with the personal experience of having long hair. I've had waist-length hair for most of my life, and like you, I understand all too well how much it can get in the way. (My hair isn't just long, it's also very thick, and I swear, the damned stuff can cover acres!) If I were going to draw a sword, the first thing I'd do would be to tie the damned hair back, so I could see my opponent.
I, myself, have shoulder-length hair. It stops at the top of my shoulders. It is also very thin and straight. My hair won't stay in a ponytail. I, usually, put it up in a ponytail for class. But the darn rubberband/clasp won't stay in it. The more I move the more it comes out. So I would think the thickness of the hair would play apart of determining the practicality of it. At the same time, I wouldn't want to worry about my hair in my face :hmmm:Also, the material that he would use to tie it would be a factor and how tightly he pulled the knot. :)
Hi! I'm back, as I just heard the news of The Witcher 2.I haven't been here since the release of the original Witcher (work commitments meant I couldn't even download the enhanced edition package and try it out) Congrats on the new engine and the 1.2 mill copies. That's quite something for a PC only game.Count me in for a second helping - ready to pre-order :)
:D Too funny the way this thread is going! Practically, yes, it would be best to tie it back, but it's just not as sexy. Or badass. Geralt does look a little more tired, if not older, but I'm not sure if it's the new look, or if it was intentional. I do have to add that Geralt's new armor is the BEST! Chainmail suits him, I think. Kneepads ftw! And CDProjekt can take another five years if they need to; I will still eagerly await TW2. They honestly value quality and they've been very good to us fans, releasing the EE and all the bonus material free for those who already purchased the game. They take as long as they need to make another epic game.
witcher needs to be able to wear armor and use shields. with encumbrance penalties. afterall, he is still mortal. and he's fighting beast and knights wearing cloth...bad idea.
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