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Do we want Witcher 4 ?


Do we want Witcher 4 ?

  • Yes, playing as Geralt again. Can never get too much Geralt.

    Votes: 316 40.7%
  • Yes, with new predefined character, created by CD Projekt or Sapkowski.

    Votes: 197 25.4%
  • Yes, with our own custom created character.

    Votes: 122 15.7%
  • No, CD Projekt should create new IPs, new worlds. Witcher has ended.

    Votes: 141 18.2%

  • Total voters
Do we want Witcher 4 ?

UPDATE: The second option is not phrased as clearly as I wanted. It means predefined character created by CDP or Sapkowski, therefore it can include Ciri. If you want next Witcher game to star Ciri, the second option is for that.

The other topic regarding this question is missing one important option in the poll, so here is a new one.
I saw this thread posted over on the polish forum, figured it would be nice to see international results too.
This is regarding the future of Witcher franchise AFTER the updates, DLCs and expansions - regarding the possible full Witcher game.
Vote for what you would like to see the most.

Here is the link to original polish thread:źmina-4-ankieta
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No and especially not as Ciri. She seems alot less complex then Geralt and other characters.
Yeah, I can't really agree with that. I mean, sure, maybe she does not have 100 years of age like Geralt or Yennefer, but come on.

Anyway, personally I would like to play Geralt again the most - he is just too great a protagonist, and at 100 years he is not that old, there is plenty of time for more adventures in those bones of his. But I would be fine with Ciri too, I like her. They would have to figure out what to do about her powers though.
I wouldn't mind at all if we got another Witcher game with Geralt as a main protagonist, he is an amazing and complex character and I really like him. I also like Ciri but would much prefer if Geralt remained the lead.
As someone who has played Witcher 1, 2 and 3 (as I'm sure many of you have) I feel that Geralt's story for me as ended. And not only that, it has ended as gracefully as I can imagine any character arc coming to an end.

Geralt at the end of Witcher 3 is a football player retiring at 34 after having won the olympics and world cup. He's the antithesis of a 40 something footballer who's still trying to prove something, or just keeps hammering on because he knows nothing else. Geralt is retiring in his prime, he's going out in style. There's something to be said about that.

And I understand you want more games with Geralt. Geralt is awesome yes. We all know that.

But CDRP is awesome too, have some faith in them that they will find more stories worth telling. Because I'm sure they will.

I personally think Ciri is worthy of a game or at least an expansion, others feel otherwise I know.

If you really want more games with Geralt I'd like to see Witcher 1 remade and expanded upon in the Witcher 3 engine.

Or if they're feeling really ambitious a prequel series with geralt and vesemir when there were more witchers around.

But... as I said.. CDPR is very talented, we might want to let them try something else than Geralt, Geralt, Geralt....

My 2 cents of course.
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Nope, the story's over, and I am very, very satisfied with the endings for it.

Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 now. Witcher 4 would just delay it.
As someone else said, I'd take Witcher 1 in Red Engine 3 for sure.
I'd also take a Witcher game with Ciri. A game that tackled the saga as well could be really interesting with lots of perspective switching.

I haven't finished Witcher 3 yet so I can't say if I'd wan't Geralts story to continue.
There is already a poll up which is pretty much identical to this one. Also, you do not give the option to have a Witcher 4 with an existing character other than Geralt, e.g. Ciri. I would like that very much.

As for Geralt returning, I think he might make cameo appearances, but CDPR has already said that the Witcher 3 is the conclusion to his story.
I know that you're all hyped and stuff but, Witcher 3 was released recently, and there's already a pending game, cyberpunk.

So, the chances of another Witcher being released are small, and even if another Witcher were to be made, it would take years.

What we want know, apart from making threads related to a new Witcher game, is to improve W3, which is what we have now.

But, if I were to vote, I would love a Witcher 4 game with Ciri as the protagonist.
As others have said, The Witcher 3 really closes Geralt's story in the best way possible. If we played him again, it'd have to be a prequel. The problem with a prequel being that we already know the future and thus some events are bound to happen anyway (characters' deaths, etc.) Although it could perhaps be a "long time ago" prequel, before the books even.
Ciri is overpowered by definition so I do not think she would be a good game character. She works in TW3 because she's mostly present in short sequences to showcase her powers, but a whole game with her would either be boring or not respect her strengths.

On the other hand, I don't think I'll ever have too much of The Witcher world. So I'd gladly play a Witcher 4 with another character. Either one we already know (Eskel seems a pretty decent choice actually, and we don't know much about him so he's more of a "blank slate" to let the player decide how he acts) or a completely new one. Although supposedly there can't be new witchers. Again, there's still the possibility of having it set in the past.

However, it has to be predefined. The problem with "creating your own character" is mostly one of immersion to me. If you decide your name, it can't be voice-acted (not until we get professional-level voice acting out of a computer, which isn't for tomorrow) so you get this weird thing where basically no one calls you by name. That's ridiculous if you ask me. Unfit for a RPG with a strong storyline as the Witcher games were, and hopefully will be.