Does Cyberpunk 2077 really deserve to be on the worst games of the year list?

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I mean we all knew it would be here as Jim seemed to have a hate boner for the game even before it released and now that the game has released with a few problems Jim gets to dance around and pretend that he was right all along! But is Cyberpunk 2077 really that bad? I mean I have not played the PS4 and Xbox One versions so maybe a case could be made for them but as far as the PC version goes it isn't a "bad" game by any stretch of the imagination. Sure the PC version has it's issues and does not quite live upto the quality standards of certain games released before it but it sure as hell isn't a "bad" game let alone one of the worst in the year, seems like it is mostly here because of the mountain that was made out of the molehill that is crunch and non issues such as trans representation which are completely unfair as Cyberpunk has a far more positive inclusion of trans people than most other video games out there.

Am I missing something in regards to crunch? I mean yeah everyone hates working overtime and probably the amount they do in the games industry might be a little excessive but are they not still getting paid overtime rates for crunch? I am not sure what Polish labour laws look like but in Australia you do have to pay overtime rates for any overtime work yet people seem to be implying that those doing crunch aren't getting paid at all?
In addition to all the bugs, there's no Legacy or Southpaw controller stick layouts. I could get over the bugs I guess, but not playing with the only stick layout I've ever used in Legacy, that's unforgivable. The devs and others have spent so much time and money on this game but it doesn't even have the most basic fucking game settings like all the stick layout options that every other fucking game has.
I mean we all knew it would be here as Jim seemed to have a hate boner for the game even before it released and now that the game has released with a few problems Jim gets to dance around and pretend that he was right all along! But is Cyberpunk 2077 really that bad?
Think it depends who you ask :D Meaning if you were one those playing on a Xbox or PS where it didn't work, sure it should be.

Personally I had a blast with it, despite all the bugs and missing features, and would still say that it for me at least was one of the best experiences I have had for a long time. And when I say experiences, I would probably say that it so, because I was fairly forgiving during my playthrough, I enjoyed the missions and killing stuff, at least until late game, once you get a real understanding for the mechanics and so forth at which point most of it just collapses.

The first ending I got was terrible, simply because it made no sense at all, tried to replay it choosing something different and it was way better.

Beside a lot of graphical glitches, weird animations and some story issues and what not, I haven't experienced any crashes, or 1 in a 125 hour playthrough, and wouldn't have played it for such a long time if I didn't have fun.

I started out by giving it a 9/10 after a few hours, because that was probably the most fleshed out part of the game and a lot of it is scripted. But based on my whole experience and enjoyment I got out of it, I would probably give it 8/10.

But taking into account what was promised in the trailers and what is actually in the game, it's probably a 3/10 or even 2/10, in that regards its really bad!!.

So to me it was a good experience and had a lot of fun with it, so wouldn't make it the worse game of the year. But it is without a doubt the most disappointing game, compared to what I thought it would be. But fully understand people that couldn't play it at all, would see it as such.
CP2077 is almost everything that is wrong in the gamingindustrie. And I don't mean the bugs. The only thing that is missing are microtransactions.

Yeah, it should be on the list.

TBH I would put that category on Assassin's Creed or generic EA game #65739
There are certainly much worse games out there that no one has ever heard of or played, but if you just rank highly anticipated AAA titles?

Cyberpunk 2077's release was a dumpster fire that resulted in CD Projeket's Red's reputation going from Hero to Bethesda, console players feeling like they were bamboozled, refunds from Sony and Xbox, plummeting stock values, and class action lawsuits from irate investors.

Tl;dr version: Yes. Thank God for Jim Sterling.

Yes. It DOES deserve it.

Now before people get up in arms, I want to be absolutely clear about where I am coming from.

I am playing the game on Xbox One X. So far, I am 182 hours into my first playthrough as a Male Corpo. I am currently level 42, street cred 50, with 20 Tech, 20 Int., 6 Cool, 7 Body, and 9 Reflex. I have 20 in Crafting, Engineering, Quickhacks, 16 in Breach Protocol, 5nin Stealth, 3 in Athletics, 6 in Street Brawler... you get the idea.

I've been mainlining Cyberounk 2077 since release, I have been a huge fan of the genre since the 90's in my teens, and am also a fan of TT RPG, and am looking forward to RED. Once my first playthrough is finished, I have at least 5 more planned. I have taken over 100 carefully-chosen and framed screenshots, have entered the photography competition, and have even purchased a new tablet, registered a URL, and am in the process right now of designing q dedicated fansite. I also have reams of handwritten notes about features I would like to include should (ha!) Mod Tools ever be released. I have also spent well over 300 hours on all 3 mainline Witcher Games, have over 600 games in my GoG library on a second GoG account... I could go on.

So trust me, I am NOT ragging on the game or the corporation behind it from the position of a hater, or someone who hasn't played it, etc.

However, there really is no getting away from a number of problems. Some of these revolve around cut content that was heavily trailed and promoted through development; under-developed systems that do exist; false and deliberately misleading marketing; attempts to obscure the true statenof the game prior to and after launch; the treatment of devs throughout the project; the behaviour of senior staff, their lies to consumers and investors, and their continuing shady behaviour post-launch; the prior actions of CDPR and false & broken promises to improve themselves and their behaviour; the fact that they refuse to condemn toxic elements of their fans for their behaviour towards critics; the clear and long-established misogynistic, racist, homophobic and transphobic attitudes of the company - whether conscious or not; the hypocrisy of the corporation behind the game, who seem blind to the fact that they behave just like a Corps they criticise in the setting; the actions and words of Adam Badowski; how watered down the game is in terms of depth and emergence; and many, many more things.

Now, after 6 large patches, I am STILL getting constant glitches, bugs, crashes, hitching, scriot failures and everything else on Xbox One X. As bad as launch? No. Acceptable? No.

The game was clearly released far too early, and is ALPHA at best (considering it clearly isn't even content complete). And I get the reasons why, and I've worked out what that missing stat is and what the mp will be (it's not that hard to work out, really), as well as the cut content, the likely upcoming content, and... I'm concerned. It could work out great. But I worry that it won't. I am seriously doubtful that even the long-promised official mod tools will ever, EVER materialise if my predictions are correct.

Cyberpunk 2077, as is, represents the absolute worst of the AAA gaming industry: prematurely release a MVP, after cutting vast swathes of promised features and having spent years exploiting and abusing your own workforce, then release it in an unfinished state while supported by misleading and materially false marketing, while also attempting to suppress criticism, abuse laws such as the DMCA to limit criticism, and then make false promises as a company which are then shown to be demonstrable virtue signalling to fans and consumers when the senior staff behind the game quickly behave in such a way that undermines the spirit of those statements, proving them to be nothing more than damage control and PR.

My issues don't lie with the devs - who have workes their ASSES off for years under inhumane conditions only to be thrown under the bus again and again by the real people responsible for the f*ckup through their atrocious attitudes and poor project management - but rather the project leads and the execs at CDPR who continue to virtue signal that they're one of the good guys of the industry when 20 years of compounded corporate and cultural bullsh*t is definitive proof that really they are just the same as any other major industry publisher. They may have started small and earned goodwill, but now they trade on that rep as a cover to duck behind while engaging in exactly the same tactics as all the other major players in the games industry. They're not Rockerboys. They're not Nomads, or Street Kids.

They're a literal Corp, supported by an army of Medias and Posers, and a slick, refined PR deparrment to present themselves as some kind of shining bastion in the industry.
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Name a worse AAA title launch of 2020, in fact I'm not sure we'll have something worse in 2021.

  • Unplayable on base consoles.
  • Buggy as hell in general.
  • Every core system in the game is in an unfinished state.
Is it the worst game launched period? No I'm pretty sure you'll find some bargain bin Duty Called World of Combat Evolved which is much much worse but that's a no-name $5 game not a heavily promoted and anticipated AAA title.

It's the same reason why hallmark movies aren't nominated for the Razzie award, we expect those to be bad.
Not really no. Plus I think dear 'ol Jimbo is nothing but a viewer pleasing sensationalist. One minute he'll praise something but as soon as a company F's up and everyone piles in like gamers are want to do, he'll turn on them.
You make some awesome Points Of course, no ones going to argue with you on the idea of "Don't Trust Corporate Rats" If this was EA, Ubisoft, hell even Bethesda then DAMN FUCKING SURE SON. You kidding me lol
The thing is, this is CD Project Red. So far from the Beginning they made a Name for Themselves and Gained the Trust of a Mass Amount of Players. Everything they did was a thing every Triple A Company went against and would Consider Stupid and yet they Achieved a lot of it.

If they said one thing, we would Hear them out and Trust them. If they said another, same thing. The bottom line was that they Said Something. They communicated and sure as hell they had their Fuck Ups people joked about but the Core Element was still there and nothing to Argue about.

Cyberpunk 2077 was a WHOLE Different Story, They said one thing AND DID ANOTHER. Bloody hell, even their own Investors were Blindsided by all this. Cyberpunk 2077 to me sure as hell aint some WORSE GAME OF THE CENTURARY type of thing but it sure as hell Aint nothing Great nor Ground Breaking, it Failed Miserably to meet the Standard and Expectations CDPR Built themselves, no one did it for them. That was one of their biggest Fuck up to me.

But Honestly, After all of this Mess. Least now CDPR Lost all that Credibility and will for now on be Bundled with every other Triple A Company now. They sure as hell fucked themselves. If you saw them as no more than some Corperate mogule than thats fine, good on ya mate. But people Trusted CDPR to Deliver on Their Word, they did it before why not Now? They sure a fucking Hell proved me and everyone else wrong though lol
Though not gon lie...300 Bucks...Christ lol

If you think 2077 was really the first indication of this, you weren't looking hard enough. They've been acting like this right from the start since the foundation of GoG and their subsequent incorporation as a listed entity on the stock exchange - which was clearly their goal from day one. It's just that this is the first time where the reality escaped the confines of their ability to control the message and people's perception of the company. But don't kid yourself - they have ALWAYS been like this.
The base console versions maybe. But when it works well it's far from a bad game. Certainly not the greatest nor is it a true Rpg as many had hoped it to be. But it is still good fun and has a great story overall.
Not really no. Plus I think dear 'ol Jimbo is nothing but a viewer pleasing sensationalist. One minute he'll praise something but as soon as a company F's up and everyone piles in like gamers are want to do, he'll turn on them.

He was critical of CP 2077 & CD Projekt Red long before the game released.

You might not agree with his opinions but the allegation that he bends with the wind isn't really accurate or fair.
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