Editing your choices through the debug console

Editing your choices through the debug console

No problem. If you have any problems or if you want to know how to go about editing your love interest (although I'm not exactly sure if it would work after the game has finished but you could give it a try) just let me know. The upgraded armors are in the Storage chest, I did sell most of the books and notes though so if you want to buy some of them back you have to head to Novigrad to the bookshop.
Great. I downloaded this develper conole...I downloaded it once...but I dont know how to use it. It would be great if you could explain it to me!
1. Get the console for version 1.12: http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/1168/?
2. Unpack "bin" and "content" folders from archive to your "Witcher 3" game directory and replace if need.
3. Start the game.
4. Load the savegame.
5. Open console with F4
6. type: removefact(q309_triss_lover) and then press Enter.
7. type: removefact(q309_triss_stayed) and then press Enter.
8. type: addfact(sq202_yen_girlfriend) and then press Enter.

That's it. Just save the game and you are done. However I have no way of knowing if it still works retrocactively. I did my editing before the end of the game (just as I was about to enter the tower) so I was able to confirm it when the credits rolled and it showed me my decisions. It did work then and it did work for everybody else. However please be advised that the quest text for the quests will not change. So the only real possibility for you to discover if it worked will be playing Blood and Wine but I'm pretty sure it will work, you can confirm that by using both saves (mine and the one you modded) when playing Blood and Wine.
The mod content is in an archive right? A .zip .7zip or .rar file. You need to open it in 7zip, Winrar oder Winzip, whatever floats your boat, like you did with my savegames and move the content that you unpacked from those archives aka the folders called bin and content into the directory in which you installed the Witcher 3. It should be something like /GOG/Witcher3/ It's the folder that contains the witcher3.exe. You copy those two folders into the directory and replace when you are asked "There are already files called xyz in this folder, would you like to overwrite them?" You choose yes. Done.
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