Extensions section missing for PS5 version (UA region)

Вітаю, шановне панство!

Przepraszam, że po angielsku - niestety nie znam polskiego. The extensions section is totally absent for standalone (not "complete edition" or GOTY) PS5 version of the game. Thus, I can not download next-gen DLCs. They also absent when I search for them in PS Store. I have the extensions when I switch to PS4 version. I was having conversations with Sony support both email and phone, they suggest that it's not something on their side, rather it's the publisher who decides what to show in what region. Could it be that CDPR has forgotten to publish next-gen DLCs to PSN for Ukrainian region? I have checked with other Ukrainian gamers and they report that DLCs are missing for them, too. Here's the video demonstrating the issue:
at 00:12 you can see that extensions are present for PS4 version
at 00:32 you can see that the extensions section is absent for PS5 version
Thank you! I was actually looking for something like that. I've messaged today, let's see how it goes.
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