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General Discussions Guidelines

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General Discussions Guidelines

Greetings everyone,

We have decided to post a few additional guidelines for posting in the Gwent forum. Posts or topics that don’t comply with the guidelines may be locked, merged, edited or otherwise managed by the moderators.
  1. To begin, by posting on the forums, all users are agreeing to the Forum Regulations. So make sure you review and abide by the rules to avoid any deleted posts, messages or banhammers from us.
  2. This is the Gwent General Discussions Sub-Forum. Before creating a topic in General Discussions, please remember that there are other sub-forums that may be more appropriate.
    • If you are looking to discuss recent news about Gwent posted by CDPR, please check the NEWS sub-forum. The News sub-forum is for CDPR Official News, so please do not create topics there.
    • If you wish to discuss a bug or technical issue, please do so in TECHNICAL sub-forum. If you want to report a bug or technical issue directly to CDPR, the most efficient way of doing so is the form located here - Note that Official RED Tech Support is for technical issues only. All other feedback should be posted on the Forums (and, yes, the developers do read the threads).
    • If you are looking to discuss the single-player campaign Thronebreaker and its features, please check out the STORY sub-forum.
    • If you wish to propose a change to Gwent, please use the SUGGESTIONS sub-forum.
    • GAMEPLAY is the spot to discuss specific, current decks, strategies, and factions. There you can also find The Unofficial Gwent Glossary, which contains useful information about the basics, and the definitions of all the keywords and terms.
  3. Please title your thread with the specific topic you wish to discuss. Titles that are nondescript or do not actually describe the topic the OP wishes to discuss are not helpful to others - i.e. "just an opinion..." or "I have a question" or "CDPR Please Read!.” Topic titles such as these do not inform other users or devs what the actual content within the thread is, which is problematic because they are:
    • Less likely to spark conversation with other users;
    • Less likely to be noticed or remembered by devs for future reference;
    • More likely to be merged, locked, or fade away into obscurity.
  4. Please keep feedback and discussion to one topic per thread. It's easier for devs and other users to respond to feedback when it is one issue at a time. It makes it easier for devs to say “Oh look, 83 people are responding to this specific issue, maybe we ought to look into that.”
  5. Do not post leaked or datamined information about Gwent on the forum.
  6. Chances are by now you are not the first person to notice any particular issue. This forum has a SEARCH function here -- that allows you to see if a similar thread already exists. If you can't find an appropriate thread with keywords, there are also options to search from titles only. Please do not create a duplicate thread if one already exists. Here is a short list of some topics that we frequently see duplicates of:

If you have any questions, feel free to private message a moderator 4RM3D, devivre, Draconifors, Riven-Twain, Rawls, SigilFey, Sardukhar, gregski.

Best regards,

The Moderators
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