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Share Your Weird/Unusual Matches



Share Your Weird/Unusual Matches

Just now, I was playing Consume vs Reveal (not that it matters) and, at the start of the 3rd round, I was thinking like 'well damn, I haven't seen a single Gold card yet in the game'. The opponent having two cards left, plays Renew and just goes


and forfeits.

He had 7 cards left in the deck and I had 6. What are the odds, heh?


I wouldn't say wierd for me..but probably threw a bunch people off the other day when I played my monster mixer deck.
basically ..I close my eyes and go threw my cards and pick whatever and however many cards I decide to play.
That last one was like 30 some cards and all over the was a hot mess..
but to my surprise it never does to bad for a mess of a deck


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I played against a guy that messed up a 30 power swing Igni. Then he applied frost on the wrong row with Vanhemar lol. He forfeited right after that.


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I once faced Scoia'Tiel elf deck on ranked that wasn't spelltiel. I didn't know they have other than 1 unit up till that point.



That's insane and that's why no other faction has Nekker Warriors. I should use this video when someone starts comparing faction specific cards in a vacuum again.


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I was thinking of doing a similar thing only with reviving henselt when I was playing monster but only to find out that leaders are doomed, I would really like that somewhere on the tooltip though. Because I shackled and killed henselt only to find out caretaker could not resurrect him. :(


Today ive played as NR. And my opponent Johnny'ed my Shani two times in the same round. And in round 3 he J'ed Shani once more. It was awkward.

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This one was unusual in the sense of unexpected. I was playing ST control, lost round 1, won round 2 but had minus 2 card advantage (figured I might as well get one daily round) - told the other guy/gal "well played" with an emote at the end of round 2. Got to round 3 and passed first thing to submit to his/her awesomeness. Other player then passed as well. In ranked. We got a draw and I got two daily levels. I was shocked by the generosity. If I could have given him/her two ggs I would have. If presented a similar opportunity in the future I plan to pay back the favor to the cosmos.


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Two that stand out in my mind, both in casual play:

1. Beating NG as Queensguard pre NG nerf patch when they were still top dog, with all queensguard stolen/banished early on (Letho and Vicovaro Medics...), thanks to the power of Summoning Circle on a Rot Tosser (and subsequent ressing/decoying together with Haeymey Skalds and Brokvar Hunters). I have no idea how that succeeded but damn it was satisfying. Oh and no Bears in that deck.

2. Using Summoning Circle to get double Ocvist and double card advantage... xD

nunqmuo;n9078130 said:
Today ive played as NR. And my opponent Johnny'ed my Shani two times in the same round. And in round 3 he J'ed Shani once more. It was awkward.

Yeah I've done double Shani in 3rd round thanks to decoy on Johnny, but 3 Shani's is a lot. :D


Sailears;n9080520 said:
Beating NG as Queensguard pre NG nerf patch
I encountered a QG deck when I was playing my Consume deck. Opponent discards 2 QG; omnonom, Ghoul first, Katakan 2nd. Tasty!



This happened after I passed the second round with card advantage and my opponent used whole round to consume and breed. At the start of the next round he consumed super boosted vran and let me too face it. It was strange tactic. However, connected was lost during the game and I don't know if I could beat him.


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I had a match against someone using Brouver Hoog as there leader but no other dwarfs in their deck, played several mulligan cards such as Wardancer, Neophyte and Vrihedd but didn't see a single Vanguard whilst also playing several ambush cards. It was all over the place i had no idea what the deck was about.


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So I was plaiyng against monsters and I lost 50-0 on round 2. It was so funny, I's still laughing now.


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I just passed two turns without putting a card on the table because of a shitty card start... second game in a row that this happened to me, i got tilted and "screw that, take my ranking points already".


Found one of the old screenshots. Well...i dont know if this qualifies as "Wierd or Unusual" but...

My side of the board after first turn ( Cahir )


Well, let us see..

Entered a match...

An opponent plays Savage Bear.

I played my elven archer doing 4 damage to it.

Apparently, the opponent really loved that bear cause they left the game.

About a week ago I entered a game with a Nilf spy deck. I was not too happy with the cards I got, but decided to muddle through it.

Each turn my opponent kept playing cards that gave us cards. After about 3 turns of getting drowned in cards from my deck, I decided to pass.

So, I waited for the opponent to make their move. Instead they decided to play the game themselves. They kept playing spies, drawing cards -the works.

Once their hand was depleted, they forfeited the game. I was left with wondering, "WTF, was that all about!?!"

A few days ago, a dead cow became a hot potato. My Opponent and I were playing both Nilf Spy decks. We kept passing the dead cow card back and forth. After about 5 turns, the cow finally landed on their side and took a Medic with it.


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Ranked vsing higher level first round first card pulls out a prize winning cow, of course I spores it because f skellige instant pass and in round two passed. Literally threw the game because of the cow. Why put your best card down first?