Has anyone actually paid Vik Vektor back?

Wrong it Eddies or Ennies :/ I don't really know when the game play footage came out i thought they said Eddies not Ennies but i do have a hearing problem and ADD XD so i just check the game manual for TT version XD
Lol. Yes, the money is "Eddies" (Slang for E.D. - Eurodollars). But they also use the term "scratch" to refer to having money in general. You'll here V use that term quite a few times actually. :)
I was level 10 or so and I paid up, but nothing special happened. I was having fun with the game, until patch 1.05, now i cannot play the game. I asked for help in steam forums, and aparently I got a lot of replies but now I cannot read them because they deleted my post. I want to ask for help in the forum, but I cannot ntil I reach 10 posts, so I will spam my story until I can finally ask for help in a proper post.
Well, I would guess that you cannot use his services until you do...
There are other ripperdocs, i paid him before lvl 4 easy to get money.
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I did, I got an implant for free that I had to look for in his inventory without even knowing where, I just checked every section till I found it. Pat on the shoulder and move on.
I paid him early too and had look in his INV but didn't notice any free stuff, i'll look tonight.
Must admit, I paid him back fairly early on. Didn't do my account much good, but I felt I owed him...
I paid him back the moment I got the eddies to do so, mainly because I do not like having a debt like that hover over my head in game or real life, and because a good ripper doc is worth his/her weight in gold.
I noticed that hes actually charging you to much, the even better optics and grip cost 18000€$ together
Did it before the heist. Cleaned out all the Blue missions as well as a couple of side missions (T-Bugs & one of Reginas) in Watson in between speaking to Dex and progressing the main. Paid him back and bought a better cyberdeck and Kiroshi Optics and levelled up some skills in the process. Well worth doing versus rushing the main game IMHO.
The first thing I did when I had the money was to pay him back. Even in a digital world I don't like to owe anyone lol
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