Hope this helps with the Closure for Shani's Ending (Spoilers)

Hope this helps with the Closure for Shani's Ending (Spoilers)

Dear Reader,

This is just a little idea that came up as i was studying for my otorhinolarynogology exam for tomorrow.

These events take place before, during and after whatsoever a man soweth in the hearts of stone expansion

Before we even begin, please allow me to state my interpretation of Shani's Post-Oxenfurt Dialogue/Ending. IT ISN'T THERE.

-NO (Optional) Questline
-NO Dialogue
-NO Cutscene

N.B. : The dialogue about being friends and drinking wine includes her mentioning about not knowing when she'll be deployed to the front. But Ahem, ahem, During the oxenfurt questline; Shani : I'll be shipped off the to the eastern front today, come see me before i go. (1) That's the summarized version of it.

So, i concluded that
Pre-oxenfurt : Let's drink wine from time to time and be friends, i'm not sure when i'll get shipped off
During Oxenfurt :I'll be shipped off tomorrow to eastern front (She packs her Chest at her home)
Post Oxenfurt : "Still packing Chest"

Here I am, left blank, without an ounce of closure. That's what witcher 3 does best doesn't it , give me closure to most of my choices.
So , instead of having to wait for it. I sought to make up my own ending. My own little fanfiction if you'd like to call it that. I'm just writing this in hopes that someone else who feels the same way as I do gets closure for themselves too. Even Wikia believes that the Shani doesn't want to live with Geralt. :p

In the aftermath of the Hearts of Stone Expansion.
You get a Quest entitled "All's Well ends Well"

Geralt returns to Shani's Private Clinic/Home. Before he manages to enter, he hesitates for a moment, realizing how much Shani means to him. Unwilling to let her simply fade away from his life, he wishes to give her a final gift before she parts ways to the eastern front. So, he heads on over to the marketsquare. All sorts of goods will be there to choose from, ranging from flowers like beggartick blossoms, herbs that smell horrid like pinegrape, dolls made of wooden clay. "But Shani wouldn't need these , would she?" Geralt states to himself with his detective tone.

Geralt walks around the shops till he finds himself in a shop with a large sign posted on top "Medical Surgicalities for the Knickered",Funny name, he thought to himself. In there , he saw all kinds of instruments he didn't know the names of, but he was pretty sure shani would find them useful in her travels to the eastern front. As he moved about the shop , he reached the side window and rested atop a ladder used for sorting books on the high end shelves, as he laid there, he noticed something glimmering outside across the street. He was doubtful he'd be able to notice it had he not have his superenhanced witcher's senses.

The object that piqued his curiosity lay in a shop across the street, in a shop that sold baubles and accessories for ladies. He quickly left the shop. The shopkeeper was left despondent as his first potential customer of the day left without purchasing anything. Geralt made his way across the street without batting an eye, but because of his inhesistance, a horse accidentally collided onto him, getting the reins tangled up on him arm. He swiftly untangled himself after years of experience with untying up the heads of monsters from his trusty steed, Roach. "Speaking of which , where is that horse? she'll probably come out of someone's house if I call her. "

After a short delay, he went into the shop. It was a small jewelry shop. Fitting as most of the baubles and accessories were small enough to be used as garnish for decorative pets. It was there that he had spotted what he was looking for. A perfectly saddled gemstone which was held by a silver ring. It was certainly pleasant to look at. It looked as if had been nestled sheepishly besides all those large ornamental statues.

A burly Merchant pounced out from behind the counter clearly half drunk, Shouting "HEY!, COME COME , I SHOW YOU NICE QUALITY ITEMS" he was dark skinned and clearly wasn't from around here. His accent was a mix between Far Eastern and Koviri.

The merchant came up and said , "Well well, if you're looking for a ring, i have just the one for you, come here, this one here, it's nice! Look at Size!" . Geralt replied "No, I think i made up my mind" The merchant refused to give up without persuading her client to buy one of the more expensive line ups on sale. Here , take this one , Geralt already had his hand holding the box which held the ring. "This Ring is Good" The merchant gave Geralt a thumbs up. "Made to give you extra strength in bed, Don't tell anyone about this , YA?" He heavily pats Geralt on his back. Geralt just nods back to him.

Sensing the irritation from Geralt's composure, he says "2500 gold pieces for that one". Geralt counters with "1000" . they banter back and forth along time lines of"2000" -- "No, 1200"-- "1500".

Geralt decides to try something an he learnt from fostering deals between a dumpling merchant and Novigrad's Underworld Cartel. Geralt sighs and says "fine", and leaves the shop.

The Burly Merchant runs after him, "Wait, Good Friend!" "1300". Geralt finalizes it all with "Deal!"

As he made his way back to Shani's clinic, he realized how Shani's Carriage might already be there, ready to whisk her away to Kaedwen to join the eastern front. As he realized that, he started to run as fast as he could. It wasn't exactly a long jaunt, but he was certainly late after having spent so much time with the burly merchant. Folds grew and sweat trickled down upon his forehead as he thought about it.

Shani's Clinic was to the right of a small alley from the marketplace. As he sprinted around the corner, he saw Shani lifting up her chest by herself onto the horse cart. She had been provisioned a pretty simple Horse Cart and a redanian escort. The soldier in question refused to help her, because it wasn't part of his job after all, he was to escort her , not to bellboy for her.

She wasn't really able to lift up her trunk what with it filled with all assortments of books. She ended up opening the trunk intending to move her instruments bit by bit onto the cart.

As she spotted Geralt, She breathed a sigh of relief. "Geralt!" she exclaimed. "Help me with this."
Geralt got down on his knees besides her, and said "Shani, I'm not lifting that trunk"
Shani grew irritated "Geralt, this isn't the time for jokes, I really don't wish to be taking things out one by one and moving them simply because people don't wish to help me, Geralt!"
Geralt made a tired face and said "Shani, I'm proposing" he took out the ring and presented it to her.
She was left speechless. The Redanian guard armed with the halberd was left speechless. She didn't quite know how she was to respond, so she blurted out what came to mind from the previous night.

"Geralt, you're-- you're always travelling, you're-- never there, always out monster hunting. we've tried this before, haven't we? "
"Shani, I've travelled enough"
"What will you do here?"
"I could always be a herbologist or an alchemist, Years on the path have taught me alot, i'll probably be able to win a letter of recommendation for Master Gremist himself. "
"Um, I--, I don't --kno-- "
She ends up standing there with her hand to her chin, deep in thought.
After a short while with both the guardsman and Geralt standing flabbergasted. Shani steels herself and says "YES, Geralt, YES!"
"Do i still need to keep this pose, i'm getting a cramp" quipped geralt

Shani lifts him up by lightly guiding his shoulders, they kiss.


[Dandellion Narrating]
It has been years since i've last met geralt, last time i checked , he and his wife had been very successful with their craft. One a trauma surgeon, another a master herbo-alchemist. Who would have believed a witcher could become a professor of one of the most prestigious universities of the north.

Author's summary
Well, i hope you managed to find some form of closure from this, if not. Well, all the best on the path

Ayyu meow meow

PS :IF you upvote this , Marcin might actually take a look at this , who knows, they might actually give us an alternative ending or firmly state that shani is never going settle down with Geralt.

Oh, and i might actually write a story about how Yen and Triss try to ruin Geralt's Wedding. Mind Reading Yen isn't the sort of person who might actually let Geralt and Shani get away with a happy ending! and Yen can't possibly do it alone, she'll need the help of her best friend. Girl Power!

(1)The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone Walkthrough - Whatsoever a Man Soweth (1/2)
[ign walkthrough YOUTUBE ]from 6:27-14:30

Some content was cut, I guess. The journal entry for the academy quest with Prof. Shakeslock mentions at the end: "... and also find a way to save Shani...." -- that's obviously not in the game.
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