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Mulling over whether to watch season three of Westworld which starts tonight.

I think I am going to wait, buy & binge it like the first two.

Also I am a sucker for steelbooks.
Can't wait until the second season of the witcher gets a nice budget from netflix! The effects are going to be awesome
Dark on Netflix is so good (creepy sci fi mystery), but you gotta watch it in German w/ subs - dubbing (at least in English) is pretty bad.
I just finished watching season 1 of The Boys and I realy enjoyed it, and also the 6th season of Brooklyn 99, I realy love that show.
Disenchantement by Matt Groening. It's a carttoon and it is stupid, like Futurama, or Simpsons, but it's shorter, but it's that kinda thing that makes giggle and chill down.
Anime in Witcher climates - Dororo

Monster killing, destiny, Japanese mythology (in this case), superhuman abilities
As others stated BB for sure is there , but other than that I would nominate:
The Wire (if you like that kind of series ofc)
Mr Robot (awesome details and plot twists)
Rick & Morty (watching some episodes feels like trippin)

Honorable mentions:
Black Mirror , Vikings , True Detective & Californication
Finished binge watching S1 and S2 of Altered Carbon.

Now I can finish up the last two episodes of Westworld before starting the new Penny Dreadful series.

I need to bribe my brother with my Netfilx account so that he will let me borrow his Amazon Prime account long enough to watch the latest season of The Expanse.

Babylon 5 is HAWT!

I cannot watch that show and see Claudia Christian and not unsee her as Brenda, the hot stripper from the sci-fi / horror movie, The Hidden.
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