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My favourite card game and it's gameplay

It bankrupted. But for me it was perfect.
Description: blah blah blah Conclusion:

Even if a game is perfect for YOU, it may satisfy too small group of people for the game not to bankrupt. I don't think CDPR decided to sabotage it's own project and change it so much that everyone will hate it... Even if the changes seem unreasonable and bad, it's better to play a semi-bad game than losing a good game forEVER. That's my opinion...
--thats, regarding these crazy discussions with huge elaborates pouring in some particular threads...

PS if you wondered,
it had 3-7 minutes (up to 12) battles (if intentionaly slowed, took longer ofc), 30 cards in deck, 5 rarities up to legendary which were really legendary (max 1 per deck)

armors, weapons, special cards (spells), artifacts, locations, units, leaders (
so you had to decide on the quantity of locations you put in your starting deck as there could be only 1 on the field at the time: if you had too mach and thinned to 0, it was as if you played a Ragh nar Ogh weather effect on a row there already is such, if you had too few, you couldn't remove opponent's location;
the same balance tweaks for weapons, armors: if you put too few, opponent will destroy most of them; if you put too many, you could end up having no creatures to wear them. Also RNG was a smart RNG you could control in most part.)

There were only 2 rows, but 1 row was for artifacts, however there were many many types of movements on even this 1 row
and many factors indicating wether a particular creature is better on the left side (opposes "oldest" (most early played opp's cards)) or newest units on the right side. There were other types of movements; many types of defense abilities like: flying, diamond skin (chance to ignore any damage), toughness (reduces all damage), evasion (evades any aoe etc), resistances to each of 6 elements etc. And cards to counter all of them. So not only endless possibilities of building up decks but also of playing. Besides, you had to think 3-9 rounds ahead and plan your sequence carefuly, adjusting it to opponent's movements. In gwent you just throw cards thinking max 3 turns ahead, maybe having in mind one particular counter to be afraid of...

6 types of attacks: bullets, physical, fire, ice, Mystic, Toxic
races of creatures... Xeno (aliens), Werewolfs, Vampires, toxic (mutants), Ethernal, Righteous, Humans, beasts and many more...
(so there were many fields of synergies, not only creature-weapon, creature-artifact, not only different races, types of abilities, but even types of damage...)

entertaining Leaderboard system:
elo rating -- a top 1 player could be matched with top 99999 player but if 99999 won he gets 30 elo, if lost: -0 or -1 elo and the same as a victory rewards goes to the top 1 guy, but values slightly smaller, like -26 -28 for a loss and +1 for a victory (it'd take little time) If you are matched with the same elo-player you could lose -6 or -7 and win +8/ +9.

It's been... 6-7 years since it bankrupted, they removed it from every site it existed...
I still remember some of hundreds of decks I made.. like this Sorry for this spam, the Nostalgia's gotten me.... If I wrote in a bad category or sth, I don't mind if you remove it etc.