The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen Update — global release timings




The Path is calling!

Next-Gen Update to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be released on December 14th at midnight GMT on PC & Xbox Series X|S, and midnight local time on PS5.

If you want to jump into the game as soon as it becomes available, check out our handy map with some of the release timings around the world!
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I will sleep… while my computer is downloading 😅
(it’s going to take a while 🙈;) )
Few months ago, I would have sleep for sure... Even if I would have wake up late, I probably wouldn't have been able to play it. But now even if the update is really big, which will most probably be the case on Xbox... So I expect to be able to play at 2AM at very maximum (and play it all the rest of night^^)
6 PM Tuesday evening for me ..... Had 500 Mbps symmetrical fiber installed during the pandemic for work from home so it shouldn't take too long to download ..... My question is since I have to delete my current modded installation can I just re-install a new version of the game or do I have to redownload the old version and then update. I tend to like fresh installs rather than patching over something since it is often times more stable and in the long run faster since I'm not downloading something that's just going to be deleted and replaced in an update. Don't really care about old saves and when I do a clean install it means I get rid of everything before a re-install
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:) I live in the first city to see the sun in a new day. By the international date line. And have to wait until the 14th. Which means those on the 13th get a day head start. :(


Thanks for the pic "LeKill3rFou" Appreciate your effort. :)

Ah! The wait is nearly over.

Been replaying 1.32 over the last week. From "Gamesave 6 8 2016 save with cash $2,451,739 ver 1.22". from dumping on Willis before they chopped the beehive glitch. Took me a fair bit of time to get it that high.
It's still nice to play the game without penny pinching.


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:) I live in the first city to see the sun in a new day. By the international date line. And have to wait until the 14th. Which means those on the 13th get a day head start. :(
Well they don't really, due to the way that time-zones work. Plus, PS5 users in NZ will get it before the PS5 players in the rest of the world.
It'll be ready to download when I get home from work. Brilliant! And I of course will be streaming with most of the bells and whistles on. I don't think my aging 2080 will be able to run ultra plus :-/
Has the new system requirements also been released?
Apparently, they plan to release a patchnote before release, so we could hope the requirements at the same time too :)
CDPR are aiming to release the patch notes tomorrow but it's not 100% certain it will, also the patch notes will not cover everything as in the RED stream they said that they want to keep some things secret and let us discover things for ourselves.
So they don't want us to know what hardware we'll need. Wtf short of bs is that?
I don't know... Just wait to see if requirements are puclished with the patchnote, which they planed to publish BEFORE the release.
But I guess minimum requirements on PC won't really change (if I understand they simply add Ultra+ settings so higher ones and the Ray Tracing).
Here's to hoping that requirements come early and my gtx1050 will be able to handle it.
see this update as adding more option for quality setting in game , so i assume on PC version like other game they may improve some setting but they won't make the mistake to remove all default/old setting graphics . usually if a patch changing all base game , they'll add an alert before any update ; to resume , if you want to dl the update you need spec requirement . that's not seems the case for witcher 3 next gen update .
Hello, can we have the function of cross save game on PC to PS5? I played in 2015 all the game and dlc's in PC, and now I don't have PC only PS5 and i would like to play the new game+.
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