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The Witcher 3 Wishlist



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More robust "follow the road", so player didn't have to steer roach in the right direction at all. A pure auto pilot.
But can be toggleable with hotkey to revert / change with other mode.

Full Auto : Follow The road and the path to way-point (Roach will automatically slowdown-make a turn-then speed up again the right path)
Semi Auto : Only follow the road, player can directed Roach to make a turn.
Disabled : Didn't folow the road, pure player control.

Also, make Roach to be able to reach our custom way-point, not just quest way-point / path.

I know a lot people didn't like how roach following the road, and decided to disabling it.
But for me, i keep watching the minimap instead of enjpying the view.

I wish there is some mod to make Roach follow the objective path (the white dot thing).
So i can enjoy the view.


If there is an EE in the future, it will be something like updating the games to the new consoles and graphics of that moment. If CDPR would had wanted to add more content, they would already have done it. Look the efforts they are putting in the stupid gwent game. It's not thay they can't do it, they don't want to