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The Witcher: Farewell of The White Wolf



The Witcher: Farewell of The White Wolf

„And I was there among the guests, and there drank wine and mead. A wedding of those two people, closest to me, was the most extraordinary of weddings which I’ve delighted by my presence.
There were so many old friends, known during our numerous adventures, many eminent personalities, whose mix gave a frightening results. I cannot summarize otherwise than by stating that those were the most intense three days of my life.”

- Dandelion, “Half a Century of Poetry”

“Farewell of The White Wolf” is an epilogue of the story presented in The Witcher series. Made with the second second part’s engine, it tells about a wedding of Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg, two destined to each other, who had finally found a little peace.

During three days of adventure, you’re going to see the returns of closest friends, unexpected guests, interesting stories and... more than just one romance.

Writing of the script began in July of 2015, the actual work started in January. We hope that we will finish our project in 2016.

Team members:
Kalen – 3D Artist, Animator, Senior Environment Artist, Senior Level Designer, Character Artist
Rustine – Game Director, Senior Writer, Cinematic Designer
Stolarro - Senior Level Designer, Quest Designer, Gameplay Designer
Patrol – 2D Artist
UncleArtr – Junior Writer, Junior Level Designer

Screenshot Album:
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Love is in the air.... with a particular ferrous smell of blood?

Thank you, guys. Hope be able to play it ... soon! ;D


Great! A pity REDkit based mods were never enabled for the Linux version of TW2.

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Can it be done with TW3 engine IF CDPR gave you the tools for it? Just asking...
It's not in the modders' hands, since CDPR decided not to give tools to developers. Of course if they would have given the editor, lot's of things could have been done.


(forum needs an update to display Telegram/Whatsapp/Twitter/Facebook/other forums emojis! kkk)
Can't wait to play it!
And thanks a lot for the hard work!
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