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The Witcher Store is here!

Just wanted to add a friendly comment.

When i first heard that a witcher store was about to startup i was very happy and excited, and still i am. I went to order my mug and keychain couple of minutes ago and i noticed that the travel expenses where about 50% of my total order. I also noticed that items are shipped from USA. I dont know if this has been allready placed forth and if it did, then excuse me from bringing that up again.

Most provably i will proceed with the order however its a bit of a shame for people living in europe to have to pay such travel expenses. For example the total cost of my order was 21 euros and with about 9 euros expenses it went up to apprx 30 euros.

It would be nice if there was a stock shipped from europe in order to save from the travel expense and spend them on another item, maybe a witcher T-Shirt, sticker etc. unable to connect


I'm getting

Échec de la connexion sécurisée

La connexion avec a été interrompue pendant le chargement de la page.

La page que vous essayez de consulter ne peut pas être affichée car l'authenticité des données reçues ne peut être vérifiée.
Veuillez contacter les propriétaires du site web pour les informer de ce problème.

when getting to www-witcherstore-com (url mangled since I cannot post URL due to antispam feature of the forum)

As if the SSL setup was broken. How come?
I'm not sure precisely when it was released, but now the popular Witcher magnesium-alloy medallion has an alternate version with LED eyes:

'Hm! The things young folk get up to these days. . .'

(Don't tell J!NX, but there's a wee spelling error.)
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I'm awaiting the belt, medallion (non-LED), and the wallet in transit. The wallet will be quite useful as mine is falling apart, and it's always nice to have a good belt around. I'll probably hang the medallion somewhere I can see it everyday, somewhere important. I thought about ordering the wolf gambeson, although I'm not sure what size I need. $170 is a hefty price.
With all the money generated by the 6+ million copies of the game sold so far, + all the merchandise, comics, etc, one would have hoped that you guys would deliver at some point and mend the many broken promises of Redkit2, E3 graphics among others...

Anyways, on the topic at hand, i ask you the same questions i ask all other brands/retail stores that i purchase from:
  • Where does your brand stands on using organic materials (like organic cotton, organic wool and natural dyes for example), in contrast to using synthetic and artificial based materials?
  • What measures have been taken to ensure that the working conditions at your suppliers and collaborators are above decent, in terms of working hours, salaries, health care, etc?
  • How controlled is the usage of chemicals and chemical waste?
  • Do you make sure that your leather products are made exclusively of leather that comes from the meat industry? And alternatively have you considered moving towards the usage of vegetable leather?
  • Have you considered using ONLY sustainable, ethically produced, natural, fair-trade and environmental friendly materials and methods of production?
  • And in general, what measures have been taken towards leaving as little environmental footprint as possible? Recycling, usage of non-plastic bags at stores, etc?
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