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The Witcher Store is here!

Gwent card deck (monsters, ple-e-ease!) and figurine of Yennefer, like she points with a finger to you and looks at you like she always does ^_^
Figurines are hot business right now. Having Triss, Yennefer, Ciri, Keira, Geralt, Vesemir, Lambert, Zoltan, etc..

Hell, throw in Monsters as well. Not entirely sure about production or reasonable pricing for these, some figurines can go anywhere from $30 - $300.

GWENT needs to be a thing, with It's own "Battlefield" playmat. The rules carry over, and you collect cards for each of the Decks, or simply have decks completed and sell each deck separately.

May not be comparable to, say.. MAGIC, but It's such a well done card game and needs to be a real thing, in homes.

Put Poker Dice boxes in production as well, with Witcher themed Dice. It's simple, yes, and anyone can play with just a handful of everyday Dice, but It's the box in which you play on will be the selling point. Especially if It's well made.
I bought the red women's t-shirt and keychain and they got here today. VERY happy with them. :)

Would buy some physical Gwent decks day 1. You know you guys wanna add those to the store. :p
Come on CDPR !
I want it !
You want it !
Everybody want it !
Some Gwent decks in our homes, to play with the family !
I can't wait to share it, you've done such a beautiful job with it !
Let's release it !

For the story, we play to it in turn with my brother on PS and sometimes even forget about Geralt, poor chap...
This ^^ I love Gwent and can happily waste hours just on playing it!!
I would definitely buy packs to play at home with my son.
A cool playing surface would be good too. :)
I guess I got lucky. Received the key chain and bag when I pre-ordered and darn if they didn't give me another one when I went and picked it up. Son stole 1 and dog wearing other one on collar.
guys, the meddalion IS AVIABLE AGAIN!!! ordered mine today

Edit: now dunno whether it was just a mistake, or whether they ran out of stock again. if yes, wow, that was quick
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Out of medallions again, and I still didn't get a chance to buy one! Well, we can see what their best seller is.
Out of medallions again, and I still didn't get a chance to buy one! Well, we can see what their best seller is.
Try ebay. As soon as I swa that they are out of stock again, I checked ebay and there was PLENTY of them. Guess that's where most of them were, as many sellers there have several pieces. Also, I was wondering how could it be possible that the restock was out in basically not even 3 days. Guess now I know.
Recently got myself a new phone, iPhone 6 and the next natural step after buying a phone with all that money is a phone case.
While I'd loved to throw all my hard earned money to CDP so they make more witcher content, I had to get one customized.

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While I got what I wanted and like it, I still wanted to add the text "The Witcher" or "Wild Hunt" or perhaps the full game name itself. But searching all over the internet (with some really good custom made designs on which you'd gladly throw your money at, I guess?) couldn't find any, naturally because that would be a copy right infringement.

So I just thought to post here since CDP is reading these forums, more merchandise and day to day stuff like this? :D
Or if there's no such plan in place for that on your end, at least some more artwork and perhaps templates (like papercraft dolls) which we can use do get it done ourselves please?

(don't know why the attachment isn't showing as an inline image)


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Mr. Momot, i would buy willingly things like figurines, posters, books on the Witcher universe. Do not worry, my wallet is ready for that.

Let the whole CD Projekt team know that fans are waiting for collectibles; thank you.
When are we getting new medallions in stock? :(

+ New shirt designs... Or different shirt colors for the current designs...