Which is the best looking Witcher Armour set?


Which is the best looking Witcher Armour set?

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I like the starter armor better, the Nilfgaardian armor sets look good too. I wore Griffin armor sets during my entire playthrough and it really bothered me but I had no choice.:X


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Among these, I'd go with second rank cat and fourth rank Bear (which I wish kept the original fur collar seen in concept arts, by the way).
Also, I just checked yesterday the temerian armor I ignored for days and I have to say it's not bad at all.

I don't like the starting chainmail ninja-suit that much and I really, really dislike the Griffin Armor set.
Since the Starter armor probably isn't technically a Witcher armor set but was included in the poll, I'll just say the Temerian Armor is the best looking in the game right now.
Feline armor is my preference, but I'd really like to see some more witcher gear, perhaps in dlc.
Mastercraft Ursine for me, followed closely by the Kaer Morhen armour, then mastercraft Feline. Only thing with the Ursine armour is the tench coat bit really freaks out while running, the fabric looks really thick and solid, but flaps around like it's really light cloth caught outside on a windy day.
Ursine would look better if they fixed the clipping on the shoulders. I can't stand to wear it as long as its clipping. If they fix it, it will be my favorite armor in the game.
shame Ursine doesn't look the way it did in the concept art, but the mastercrafted one is still the best looking armour in the game.

I do find the temerian one the most "Witcher" like, though.
Enhanced Feline:

And Temerian armor...
I really hope that one of the DLC's is the fourth Witcher School armor.

Otherwise, there will be a mod for that. There's already a mod that swaps the Griffin Stats to the Ursine armor and vice versa.
Meh the only piece of Wither gear I liked was the base Cat school vest because of the short sleeves. Sucks you lose that when you upgrade it because short sleeve chest armor for me has been hard to come by


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I like Feline. It's what I'm using. But I'd like feline more if it was black or at least less saturated. I don't like the saturated blue colors.


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Didnt found any armor that i like so far, i dont care about stats i only care about look when it comes to such stuff. But my first tryout will be the treaserhunter armor.
The mastercrafted cat set is my favorite. The griffin is my least favorite due to the amount of padding inside of the gambeson that makes Geralt look as if he has gained an extra fifty pounds.
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