Camera Stutter Master Thread - Share your info

Camera Stutter Master Thread - Share your info

JUNE 5 2015


- When turning the camera (slowly) a lot of people see a stutter effect that is not present when turning the camera quickly - or if the camera is only moved vertically.
- This is not the "Horse Stutter", although it might exacerbate the horse stutter.
- This issue has been reported on ALL PLATFORMS.
- But the issue might not affect all players.
- The stuttering camera is most noticeable when slowly turning the camera MANUALLY.
- It's possible people might not notice it if they always turn the camera quickly.
- Even Mouse and Keyboard users are affected.
- It is (most likely) NOT a frame rate issue (or at least not a performance frame rate issue) as multiple PC testers have confirmed it still happens at a solid 60 FPS.

UPDATE: 2nd of June.
According to a released patch overview, the upcoming patches will "improve" the camera. I can only hope that means "fix" but is coached in plausible deniability terms.
PC patch 1.05 coming this week, consoles' 1.04 more than likely about 10 days away.

UPDATE: According to posts by Marcin Momot, RED Community manager, Console patch 1.04 (expected in 7 to 10 days from May 30th) will fix the camera stutter on PS4 and Xbox One, while 1.05 will fix it for PC (expected now during the week of June 1st to June 7th).

Momot specifically wrote:
"As far as the camera stutter for PS4 we have a fix coming for this in 1.04."
Then added:
"Yes, 1.05 for PC, 1.04 for consoles."

UPDATE: Marcin Momot, RED Community Manager tweeted on may 30th:

"We're hoping to address the stuttering issue in patch 1.04" [for consoles], answering to a question from an apparent Xbox One user.

Since PC already is on 1.04 and expecting 1.05 on Monday, hopes are now high for 1.05 to bring an improvement to the camera for PC.

When asked when PS4 (and most likely Xbox One) users could expect 1.04 Momot tweeted:

"We're hoping it's a matter of a week, a week and a half or so."

It's unclear if that is the date of release or the date of submitting it to Sony/Microsoft for certification (a process that can take up to 7 days itself). It might be people get it as early as the next weekend or just in two and a half weeks.


Patch 1.03 for Xbox One might have cut the camera stutter in half. Apparently it now only happens when decelerating a turning camera, and slowly panning seems stable, see here:

Patches 1.03 and 1.04 are out for PC and have NOT fixed the camera stutter issue.

Patch 1.03 is out for PS4 and has NOT fixed the camera stutter issue.


The issue has been reported on twitter, steam, neogaf, Witcher forums, youtube and other places, starting mere hours after the midnight digital release on May 19th.

To date, there was only a single mention of "stuttering issues" in the press (and that is the whole quote) - not a single review mentioned it at all.

On Monday, May 25th, CD P RED officially acknowledged the issue, saying they are "investigating". No further information on progress has been made available.


By now, a lot of people will be familiar with the camera stutter that happens when slowly turning the camera.
I know there are a lot of threads and videos about it popping up (of which I have collected a few below), and I also know that Projekt Red has not responded to or acknowledged the issue at all. Neither has it been mentioned in ANY reviews or news outlet reports.

So, instead of spreading this to many threads, maybe we can gather the info here in one, with

Platform: PS4
Version: 1.03
Medium: Digital Download UK PSN Store


The camera stuttering happens most severly when slowly turning the camera manually in a horizontal direction.
It gets worse when adding a vertical angle, but is NOT present when just looking straight up or down.
Using Witcher sense also seems to make it worse at times.
The faster you turn the camera, the less it happens, but there usually is a short stutter when the camera motion starts.
It's also a lot less severe if the game takes control of the camera (riding or walking or swimming in a circle without moving the camera manually) and is almost imperceptible when you're auto-riding (holding canter/sprint button on horseback) and follow a turning road.
Most people that have reported it seem to be using a game-pad or controller on their platform, but mouse and keyboard users have reported it, too, albeit less noticeable due to mouse turning speed being quicker than a controller.

Many have tried different things (most of them obviously on PC), but the issue remains.

On my end, I tried doing a full re-download, tried it without the 1.01 patch (PS4), tried it with different Display settings, different Sensitivity Settings and different System settings.
I tried different screen resolution outputs from the PS4.
I tried different controllers (DS4, DS3 via Dongle, PS Vita via Remoteplay), nothing made a difference.
It's also present on the PS Vita screen during remote play.

Here are several videos:

PS4: v. 1.00 - 1.02

PS4: v. 1.03




And a few threads:


Multiple platforms:
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The constant judder on Xbox is probably a combination of this plus the unlocked framerate. Judders on the map screen, judders moving forwards as well as with turning the camera. Can't escape it. It's not slowdown.

Support reply said they're working on it and forwarded to developers.
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yeah i feel for xbox one players with the unlocked frame rate, i know first hand from my gaming pc, i allways allways lock the fps to the lowest i see it go, unless its a rare drop that is, no lower than 30 either, but this and that would be hell, you should be suing them for torture lol
Come one people, if you experience this, post your platform, version and medium (disc/digital), so maybe we can at least make us heard. On a by-note, it's really funny how all the youtube vids I posted about this say "We detected your video may be shaky. Would like us to stabilize it?"

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Support reply said they're working on it and forwarded to developers.
You did not by any chance get a response from someone named "Janus M." telling you that they're hard at work fixing it?
Platform: PS4Version: 1.02Medium: DiscHappens to me and its impossible to play like that.... i stop playing.....wait for some fix...hope soon...
PS4 retail disc, latest EU patch.

I noticed this strange camera judder right from the tutorial onwards, it doesn't look like a framerate issue but a framepacing one. It's almost as if the display slows down and speeds up when changing the camera direction or applying a different pressure on the thumbstick.

Needless to say, it's very distracting.
It was Karol P and "working really hard to solve the issue".

Well, Karol is not one I've come across, so let's hope it's really internal CD PR support and not...

Well, it sounds like the answers I got from many other games that outsource their support gathering to a single company - and one that really does not do its job. Rebellion had it for SE3, Warner Bros. for Shadow of Mordor.
I submitted several support requests in the last few days, none answered (but if it really is that company, all my emails will be on their blacklist, so that wouldn't surprise me).

Do I sound cynical? Yeah, I guess, but I blame this world for making a good man bad.

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Thanks, added it to the OP.

Everyone else, if you have videos of the issue, specifically on XBOX ONE or PC, please post them and I will add it.

Similarly, if there are threads talking about it, here or on other forums (steam, reddit, xbox, psn) let us know.

PC, Steam Version, Windows 8.1, GTX980, i7 5820K @ 3.30GHz, latest Nvidia drivers and windows patches at the time of this post.All graphical options on ultra, except shadows (high), Nvidia Hair Works Off, Vignette Off, 1080p.I also share this problem, very noticeable when turning camera slowly.
about time we had one thread for this issue, i mean its playable if you dont ever pan the camera, dont look at anything ever and just walk in a straight line and round in circles, anyway

ps4, digital, 1.01 camera rotation judder, stutter, wonkyness, jerky, thats about all the words i can think of to describe this mess

ill post my video for the hell of it
PC version,only happens when riding horse on the walking speed,it stutters at the same pace,almost looks like the horse animation is causing it,but when horse start running or running at fastest speed,its smooth. my rig: GTX75OTI 12GB RAM I5 2300 WIN8.1 64
Well they must be aware of the issue surely, I mean.. how could they not? It's the first thing i noticed when entering the game for the first time lol. How this got into the final release I'll never know. But, i remember a similar type of issue with COJ:Gunslinger and as far as I know, it never got fixed.
Well, after reading the Eurogamer Article, this sounds like a PC-Only patch to appease the PC-Players (paid for by the money they earned from the console players, as the guys from CD Red say in the interview).

Yay. :/
Joolsy83 was the 1st think i notice too (PS4) when looking around to see the details , went outside to balcony to see the environments and... non stop stuttering....i thought was my controller getting bad contact on the analog stick... Hope they fix this , for real...i stop this it breaks all the great experience this game is.
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