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Just some Discard Archetype support from me :)


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I wonder what could be possible for Falbeson or The Reverend if they were cards. Or maybe those fake Eternal fire priests who just use their position to sell fistech or herbs
I wonder what could be possible for Falbeson or The Reverend if they were cards. Or maybe those fake Eternal fire priests who just use their position to sell fistech or herbs

I had a great idea for Reverend. Nevertheless his strength depends on sinners and whether he finds some witches to burn.

My idea of Quen, as to complete Geralt's full-sign card list. Hope it's not that OP. It can be easily locked or Vincented, but if you manage to keep him alive, you can shield your whole battlefield :-D
Some ideas for Witcher Signs.
Didn't think much aboue the provision costs and functionality. I just thought it would be cool if we had some more Witcher Signs that are not bound for high provision cost cards like Geralt: Yrden.
What do you think?

The artwork is from a person on reddit, his profile name is Icewreath.

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@Flynigan I really like the idea of Falka but how about "Replace your leader's ability with your opponent's leader ability"? I like the idea of Spells buffing mages but I think it would be better if it were a faction specific card, e.g. Northern Realms. There are also mages in Nilfgaard but I feel like they're usually already the stronger ones and this would be an opportunity to give NR another strong group apart from Soldiers and Siege Engines. Nilfgaard already have Agent, Lock, Spying, etc. I think the Lyrian Blacksmith is a great idea although I personally wouldn't give it a bonded ability. There are some really strong differences in strength between some artifacts and I like the idea of something like "as long as there's an artifact in play boost Lyrian Blacksmith by x". I like Renfri but I think it'd be more beneficial if there was something to do with bleeding. A bunch of bandits cause bleeding, whereas status is pretty much a Nilfgaardian thing.
I'm not sure I agree with Rience though, I'd remove the immunity and give it something else. A fun idea might be to give it resilience unless the enemy player fulfills some condition, e.g. when they play their first card it gets sacrificed or a power reduction.
I like the Professor apart from the "if you kill an enemy" condition. Imo the benefit of killing an enemy is that you've killed the enemy but it makes sense that you'd get some benefit from sacrificing an ally.
I really like the Voivode idea, I wouldn't actually change that in any way.

@NoblemanGR I love the idea of Hostage Exchange the way I first read it (which was not the way you wrote it lol) which was "move an allied unit to an enemy row and seize an enemy unit with up to 3 power greater than the allied unit". It would be a good way to get more spying enemy units, to gain a larger unit, and to steal a useful ability from the opponent. Plus, thematically it's a hostage exchange (but kinda in reverse if you think about it...)

@Moors- I love the Geralt: Axii idea, and the Lara Dorren one exactly as written. I'd personally say Falibor is way too OP as written and would change the beginning of the ability to "the next time an allied unit takes damage...". That way it puts the responsibility for paying attention on to the enemy player. I also love the idea of Dragon's Cave but it would theoretically allow you to use Villentretenmerth twice which seems unbalanced, perhaps "if you control 3 dragons summon Villentretenmerth from your deck to an allied row"? I like the idea of Yennifer: Divination, being able to pinch an enemy unit from their graveyard is cool, especially if you know they're likely to try and fuel another unit with it's power, plus shuffling it into your deck is a good way to keep the provision cost reasonable and allows for synergy with cards that let you put things on top of your deck (and Oneiromancy obviously). I'm not sure if Triss: Butterflies would work as written because of the card that consumes all shields (ally and enemy) and the number of units that boost themselves by having shields. I think perhaps increasing the damage for each subsequent unit given a shield and removing the row constraint. That way you could theoretically boost her quite high but it would begin to be really inefficient past a certain number of units. Ciri: Nova's a really good idea and you could be strategic with it by playing it when you have more cards in hand than your opponent. Ciri: Dash needs some kind of limit on the number of uses. With Oneiromancy and cards that let you place things on top of your deck it would be way too OP. Perhaps you could give her veteran? That way the value she'd have in your deck for damaging things would increase the longer you held onto her.
I like parts of some of the concepts in the cards in the next post, like the row effect thing for Dark Druid but I'd probably put it on a different card. Druids are pretty specifically Skellige units and are triggered by alchemy cards. I'd probably pick something other than being boosted as the result. Perhaps "when you play an alchemy card spawn Skellige Storm on (random?) enemy row for 1 turn"? For Dethmold you'd probably want to alter the condition on the ranged row or no-one will ever use the melee condition. I think "destroy allied unit and spawn Alzur's Thunder" or some variation thereof. You could easily fuel it with a damaged allied unit or 1 power token. Sorry I haven't responded to all your cards, I'm getting a bit overloaded by this stage, I think you have very good ideas though.

@deckard_kaine I like the idea of the Duke of Dogs but I think boosting him by 2 for each bandit ally could end up being a bit much. Perhaps 1 boost per bandit? I really like the ranged condition though, I think it's great. For the Brokilonian Mamba I think perhaps it should be something like "if enemy unit moves poison it". That would also synergise with the Scoia'tael abilities that move units. As for Cleansing Flame, I think you'd have to set the provision cost pretty high on that one, and I think it might be better as a neutral spell since poison features in Scoia'tael, Nilfgaardian, and Syndicate decks.

@Alch1mist I like the idea of changing bleeding and damage but I'm not sure if it would suit a vampire? They seem to be pretty specifically bleeding focused. I really like the Plague Maiden's ability "give this unit's Deathwish ability to allied unit" but would probably change the ability from poison to something more rat focused since Monsters don't have the poison ability. At the moment in game the card causes rats to spawn in place of the unit after it's destroyed. Perhaps you could change it to say "create x number of Rats where x is the base power of the destroyed unit". That way you could transfer her ability to larger units to create more Rats to feed Consume abilities or units like Kikimore Warrior or Ethereal. I really love the Kikimore Queen's Deploy and Order but I don't think it should be repeatable.
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@DC9V This! I really dislike there being multiple cards of the same character, e.g. Geralt, Geralt: Igni. Especially since it's not an ability specific to him, but used by all Witchers. Perhaps you could make Signs a particular card type that have an ability that's amplified by being played alongside Witchers rather than being reliant on having specific Witchers in the deck? For example:
Igni: Damage a unit by 3. If you control a Witcher repeat this ability but increase the damage to 5. You could repeat the ability for all of the signs with appropriate effects, e.g:
- Quen: Give a unit Shield, if you control a Witcher whenever this unit loses its Shield, at end of turn renew the Shield.
- Axii: Seize a unit with 3 power or less for 2 turns (this unit doesn't receive Spying); at the end of 2 turns return unit to its owner's control. If you control a Witcher lock it.
- Aard: Move a unit and boost it by 3. If you control a Witcher repeat the ability but increase the boost to 5
- Yrden: give Veil to a unit. If you control a Witcher give another unit Immunity. It's up to you whether or not you think it's necessary to add the "enemy" or "allied" conditions.
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My Odrin Rework:


I don't really like the "resupply" keyword and i hope it's abandoned in the future. This keyword was added in 3.1, along with crew (readded) and Inspired in order to make NR more distinct from other factions, however 3 new keywords might have been too much.
This ability would work similar to Insanity, first the unit would consume charges if available and when at 0 charges, 1 turn of vitality is consumed per order use.
To my mind the Vodyanoi are missing in the Gwent universe. So I designed those 4 cards which might be a nice counter to weather.

Hi, tell me what do you think about my cards, sorry if the english is not perfect: i'm french


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Greetings from Murky waters. Might be nice in SK discard deck, SY or MO decks.
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