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A despised foe from Witcher 3, Arachnomorph:


I probably should have made it to be a gold card... kinda broken for a bronze maybe lol. =)
Okay, here's also a gold version:
Arachnomorph (2).png

Edit: Actually I'd change that last part of the description into "When you have Dominance, move this card to the front row and when you don't have Dominance, move it to the ranged row."
- Cuz this way it's more consistent and easier to predict since with my previous description you could place it on ranged row while having Dominance and would stay there until you lose it, but this way it's always reacting to having or not having dominance. :)


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Geralt's Dad :) and others


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The Janitor (neutral, immunity, power 6, provision 8)

Every time a card is added to your deck, grants one more mulligan in the following round.
Monster have their rats, Nilfgard their spies to spawn the opponent rows.

This card also nicely synergizes with cards like cat witcher saboteur, row punisher and Guxart (other new card idea).


On Melee it makes Treyse a 6 +4 per turn unit and synergizes witcher swarm + Leo. The risk is that there is not enough space to seize those students or that the students are purified.
On Ranged it a (weaker?) version of Blizzard. I put that weaker in (?) as it does not have initiative. The row limitation can be considered to be a down or a high dependent on the distribution of opponent units.

Recently I've been trying to find a fun way to introduce a new Keyword to Gwent. I came up with this Water Hag card which uses the "Blind" keyword, similar to how it functions in Witcher 3. Although I dislike taking the Hearthstone randomness route, it makes sense for this keyword to have a bit of random effect in my opinion.

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