December 10, 2020 ... Are we sure?

Unless they allow preloads without some files, that will have to be downloaded after launch to play the game.

Preload: 50ko
Day 1patch: 150go

"Sorry for that last delay 🤷😕"

Yeah, I guess they will do remove some files from the preload, some servers will have rough days.
Let's just hope something like this doesn't happen once we get to that real REAL finish line.

On a lighter note, i can't wait to see what all the funny Day 1/Week 1 glitches will look like. xD

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So 2 am my time. But I expected a sleepless night would come..
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I also play on PC and haven't experienced many bugs at all. But I watched a streamer play on PC and she had a LOT of bugs while I was watching. Most ones that I haven't seen in my own game. Really surprised me.

Doors that couldn't be forced open during a raid, flat out crashes, etc. Ive seen boats explode and pieces gently float upwards, horses spinning mid-air and invisible tattoos... Overall still no bugs that prevented me from playing. Game has crashed only once for me..

wow it's strange, I understand why some people spat on the game, but personally, the few bugs that I encountered were nothing particularly annoying and obviously you either :)
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They do it for a simple reason.
The moment they'll allow preload of the game on PC, the game will leak.

Yeah if that's the case for one day ... it's nothing dramatic, and I see that : New York - 7 pm Dec 9, 2020
Los Angeles - 4 pm Dec 9, 2020 but hey we're used to them
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Console discs are already being distributed to retailers, so I think this time is for real. A shame GoG still doesn't allow pre-download of the assets. If they delay a bit more they'll risk nullifying the advantages of preload, considering the number of people waiting for this game...

Can confirm, Held a copy in my hands at my local store today. Can't really see anything else then a full blown release december 10. Byt you never know for sure,right?
I am a little bit worried.

If Jackie or Judy dies in the story, i am probably going to rage quit for the rest of the day.

Jackie looks like a happy guy, full of life. And Judy, well, Judy is Judy. No explanation needed.
The reason I don't believe it's sure, is CDPR hasn't given exact date and time when the PC version pre-download will start. Not 100% sure of the unlock time either, although Im going by midnight UTC due to some people more experienced with CDPR saying so.

So far the only one we got is playstations pre-download which might just be something that playstation says cause they got to say something.
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