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Hi guys, did anyone experiencing no quests given, still 24 win max after 2 days and stuck at Rank 1 stain glass with highest rank is 0 but can't find any rivals at a rank match? I just come back to play Gwent after Homecoming.


Hi Burza, wish you and the team had a great Christmas!
BTW, I heard the January Patch would be launched on 2nd?
Tell me if I am close, it's super exciting.
Thank you :cool:
Hey Mr. Burza, when we will get a patch to fix ps4 trophies??? Smash 100 kegs and kill a zeal unit before it triggers - they don't work for me (some players get them, some don't) and I can't get platinum trophy :(
We changed the game closer to what we wanted achieve in the beginning, but didn't have the time due to constant updates. Monsters with consume still work :)
Hi Burza,

But in a way, doesn't the Team feel that something special came out of Gwent that a lot of people loved and that it needed to be preserved? The game evolved into something really special that doesn't seem to be there anymore after Homecoming. Some basics are their (Witcher theme, Rows, three rounds), but the rest, which was the reason we played, seems watered down or missing.

I know Jason said that maybe they had gone a little too far with changes, but what is going to be done about it? Some of us don't want to move on because we love Gwent, yet we don't play because the strategic game that seemed to be tailored made for us before was scraped to become something new that is not meant for us, it has become something we can't enjoy (and every iteration since Witcher 3 was fun till now)...
I got a few questions regarding cosmetics:

1) In the past, before Homecoming a bunch of already existing character avatars from Thronebreaker had been leaked, including Caldywn the nilfgaardian delivery guy, Eldain the elven leader and a few more.

Some of them have not released (yet?) but it would be a shame to just throw them in the bin. Will you release those at some point? Maybe in a bundle, for meteorite powder? I'd buy them for sure.

2) One of the boards of Thronebreaker , the tavern/town one (near the end, last map I think) have also not been released yet, the bridge one neither. Will those be released aswell?

3) And, most importantly what about my Cahir avatar? :)
I wrote to support about a bug that took a bunch of meteorite powder from me. I have video and screenshots of how and when it happened. This occurred several weeks ago and I haven't heard back. Any recommendations on how to get assistance. It was on the PS4 version. Thank you.
Cards from started decks can't be transmuted to premium versions. Is here be some other way to get premium versions of them? Or it will be fix latter?
Dear Burza,

There is some disappointment and anger over the way the PR has been handled regarding Jan 2nd server update. I feel that we need something to compensate for that and to get the excitement back. So, can you please leek something regarding the next week balance update? No need to say anything about the Leaders which are coming near month end.

0) Are we getting the mulligan, redraw changes next week or along with the leaders?
1) Roughly how many cards are getting changed?
2) Among that roughly how many cards are getting complete overhaul?
3) Which faction is getting most cards balanced?
4) Is there any love given to ST?

Now specific cards related questions:

1) Is Unicorn/Chironex getting changed?
2) Is Ves getting changed?
3) Is Wild Hunt Riders (summon 8 point power swing) gets changed?
4) Is Morgvag getting changed?
5) Is weather getting any love at all? [If you see, none of the top tier deck even bothers about weather removal. Even Iris is not used, let alone scouts. People have forgotten about a mechanism called weather completely. And in its current state with the kind of power swing people can generate, no one even dares to use weather due to their pathetic Return on Investment.]

Thanks and Regards,
Hi Burza,

I have a quick question. Then the rewards tree will not open until the next season (or later) or is it possible that it is unblocked during this month?

thank you!
@Burza46 I love Gwent more than any other Card game out there, loved it in the Witcher game and loved every standalone version of it. I still love Gwent and I have a few questions that I hope you take the time to read and answer, even if you can't I'd like to know that you saw my concerns and thoughts.

HC Gwent has changed a lot of cards that used to be thematic into cards with random abilities and points that could have been on any other card, for example old Temerian Infantry used to bring more soldiers on the battlefield and it felt right, they are an army and they fight together on the battlefield, new Blue Whale (Delirium) is also a big offender. Cards seem to have random abilities and points with no regards to their Card Name, Card Art and Lore. Factions like NR have lost their Battlefield, Army theme and factions like NG have lost their intrigue and that is because right now the cards have no identity. As I said they are random points with random abilities on random cards. It's like the devs had 2 paper sheets, one with abilities and points and one with the cards and they just randomly picked and linked. Is this something that we can expect will be the new way of things for Gwent moving on or will March bring more thematic cards and synergies? Will old Cards that lost synergies and themes be given a 2nd look, a 2nd chance at being interesting again? I'd like to point out here that I used to main NR with some NG on the side, so what I say goes mostly for these factions. I had over 2000 games with NR and have played them in any way possible! Other factions might as well be the most thematic they've ever been, but I don't know about them! So I mostly talk for my Gwent love, the Northern Realms.

And a last question, what are the Devs thoughts on the issue that new Gwent doesn't allow too much of....well...Gwent, with the amount of Damage there is, the game has changed to play a card and damage that card, instead of building your Army, your deck plan, it doesn't feel like a battlefield actually, which was a goal of HC Gwent, I am not reffering to just point slamming, which by the way you can say that it is in the very nature of Gwent and it shouldn't be treated completely like the devil. Are there any discussions over this in the Dev meetings, or is it this what the team wants of Gwent going forward?
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Hi ,

Can you please extend this deadline for the economy change.

I had a full premium deck in beta and now because I didn't realize there was a deadline can't craft any premiums anymore.

It feels really lousy to do this to veteran players who perhaps didn't log in during those 2 weeks.

Thank you.
Hey CDPR, I'm currently in pro ladder. Please can you tell me what happens if I decline the agreement (forcing me out of pro ladder), play some games in ranked ladder, then re-sign the agreement?

Will I have to fight my way back up to pro ladder or will I be automatically moved back to it?
Hi ,

Can you please extend this deadline for the economy change.

I had a full premium deck in beta and now because I didn't realize there was a deadline can't craft any premiums anymore.

It feels really lousy to do this to veteran players who perhaps didn't log in during those 2 weeks.

Thank you.
Sorry we cannot extend the time :(