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Gwent focuses too much on powerful cards.

I think one of the main problems with Homecoming/CC is that games are totally dependent on the most powerful cards in your deck.
  • A 4 provision card is worth like 4-5 points.
  • A ∼10 provision card (like foltest pride, syanna, even vysogota, etc.) are worth more than double their provisions if not destroyed.
I've even played 50 point syannas, it's kinda ridiculous because if i get that combo off none of the opponents cards played really matter. I really think Gwent needs the low provision cards to have more power and not feel like filler, possibly bring back the amount of high synergy that bronzes had in Beta. Because right now all that matters is the high provision "dues ex machina cards", and if you can remove/protect them or not.

It would be great if CDPR considered reversing how the points scale with provisions, and end up like this:
  • If a 4 provision card was worth ∼8 points
  • And a 10 provision card was worth ∼15
This would make your lower costed cards matter more and have a larger effect on the game, and hopefully throughout the game you would feel like more of your turns were affecting the final outcome.
It's slightly worse than just "power" cards; the whole premise of the game is "play card, get countered". Because of the core nature, it's almost unfair to just go first, but what it also contributes to is a sense of injustice and - often - anger at the way anything plays out. Locks are too cheap given how disruptive they are, and you can't have one or two big finishers because there's too many cards will just blast them away (Setkirk, Leo, Geralt, Corrupt, etc). You either need a wide balance - Dana/Bran - or a LOT of big cards and final say - Woodland. Hence why these three decks are the ones you face all too regularly. Try anything "new" that isn't on Artuza's list and you've basically got no chance past rank 10.

I've tried bearmasters with Svalblod - spores/big killers nerf that too easily and it doesn't have tempo.
I've tried bloodthirst with Anjolf - again tempo's not really there early and whilst there's good synergy you end up with 2 x 9+ cards (Anrjolf/Gregoire) which are always wiped out.
I've gone with Eldain's traps deck - you're so at the whim of the initial deal, it's too RNG to be fun. Plus you probably have to be pretty good - guessing what cards are going to be played is again too much chance to be fun, seeing your pit trap kill an Agitator is just annnoying.

The only deck I've ever found occasionally fun is a true Svalblod self harm. You can pull off some interesting things, but it's a bit hit and miss and NG's anti-deck (Usurper) is almost auto-lose because it's entirely reliant on your ability to hit your own cards.

Every other deck is the Dana one and it's just so incredibly boring to watch Dana - Fauve - Broccoli every other match, then worry whether you've got the exact card to COUNTER Saesenth, which is again a card that's too powerful. It's a shame they nerfed Dettlaff because whilst he was strong - 12 points plus control - at least it was different.

I mean, why are there still cards like Prize Winning Cow? Not only is it easy to get rid of by about half of all cards, but there's lots of Deathblow now so it's almost a gift for the opponent; CDPR have spent so much time introducing new cards, they make considerably more existing cards redundant!

There's a decent game in there trying to get out. CDPR are doing their level best to contain that good game in the hope the mobile version will make them lots of cash.
I think this topic needs a lot more attention and discussion than it has so far received.

I agree with the fact that bronzes in your deck mostly feel the cards you want to dump out in round 1 or everytime mulligan away, which just feels bad. I like both the idea of narrowing the power gap as well as introducing / changing bronzes to be more highly synergizing and through those synergies have the potential to bring significant enough points.

The first thing I can think from the top of my head as an example is Tridam Infantry, which actually has nice power potential AND MORE IMPORTANTLY there isn't a gold card that would just do the same thing better.