In game character Perspective!

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And yet, the announcement that the game will be First Person Perspective has almost killed all my interest in the game. Not just because first person makes character customization all but pointless, not just because melee and hand to hand in first person fames that are primarily shooting based always is utter garbage, but because first person perspective gives me migraines and prevents me from enjoying, or even playing sometimes, the games that force it.

The only way I could be less disappointed is if the combat were turn based.

I urge you, please reconsider....
Well said.

Just add a Third Person option to the gameplay, that's really all that's needed for many people.

(( Won't do a damn thing for my FPS objections true, but it'd solve 75% of the problem. ))
If nothing else so you aren't shutting out people that literally cannot play it any other way.

From the sound of it the character model is always there in world (seeing it in mirrors and the cut scenes) so it's not a case of a system you don't have.
This game really needs to be in 3rd person, or at least give the option to play in either. Give your players the ability to play the way they want to play.

I understand the First person immersion argument, but sometimes you just want to be able to see your customized kick-ass character that you've spent hours within 3rd person. I would argue the argument of immersion goes hand in hand with being able to see them in 3rd person as well. Common Red! hook us up :D
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