Patched wcc_lite for faster startup

Patched wcc_lite for faster startup

TLDR: Dowload the zip and replace wcc_lite.exe to enjoy a shorter wait for wcc_lite help export to print the help.

Monitoring wcc_lite with Procmon shows that it tries to connect to a server and then after failing waits 1.3 seconds and tries again, 8 more times. The address is configured to be CDPRS-MSSQL in bin\config\r4game\legacy\base\user.ini under the modkit installation directory. The Procmon screenshot is after I mapped CDPRS-MSSQL to in my hosts file to allow the name to resolve.

Procmon gives the call stack for the UDP send, so taking the last address in wcc_lite in the call stack, I NOP-ed out that function using x64dbg and now on my machine wcc_lite starts in one or two seconds instead of twenty.

Because uncook exports only textures and not models, exporting multiple models requires invoking wcc_lite once for each w2mesh file, so this should make exporting about ten times faster.

If you aren't comfortable running random executables from forum posts you can get x64dbg and apply the patch yourself to wcc_lite. Run x64dbg then File -> Open, choose wcc_lite. File -> Patch ..., click import, choose the patch.1337 file. Click patch file, then a save dialog pops up to save the patched file.

The patched .exe and patch.1337 are here.
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Dude... why no one thought of this before...(like 1 year ago). You are a genious!

It benefits not only export ofc, but the whole thing. Each call to the wcc_lite would take this long to start doing something...

And why the **** do wcc_lite needs a connection to an internal database??? Unbelievable
it's times like this when I wholeheartedly regret that I can't shower people (you in this case) with REDpoints! Here, have one on my behalf! Thank you for this! :)

Every modder should use this going forward - save some serious time ffs.


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This is one of the most helpful things posted here - you're not kidding when you say 10x faster.

Packing a mesh mod in Modkitchen takes like.... 6 seconds now, down from well over a full minute or two in the past.
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i dont understand, what do we do with the files in the .rar?

Find where the mod kit installed wcc_lite.exe and then replace it with the one in the zip. You can ignore the other file.
When I tried using this .exe I got an error that a dll (NVDxxxx or something like that) is missing from the system
ayyudee;n7183400 said:
When I tried using this .exe I got an error that a dll (NVDxxxx or something like that) is missing from the system

The patched exe is for the 1.3 version of the modkit (the latest to my knowledge). Maybe you have an older version?
Hm. The patched exe doesn't work for me either. I also cant patch it manually, the file just stays the same.
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There was a patch after this patch. Does anyone have a link to it?
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