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Scoia’tael or Skellige — who will win the new Faction Challenge?



Scoia’tael or Skellige — who will win the new Faction Challenge?

It’s that time again — time to rise to the challenge! Proud warriors of Skellige face off against the shadowy Scoia’tael in a new Faction Challenge. Choose which side you wish to support and compete for dominance (and rewards) over a week of intense skirmishes!


1. Go into the Faction Challenge tile located in the in-game News section
2. Choose one of the two warring factions you wish to support: Scoia’tael or Skellige
3. Play and win games with your faction across Casual, Ranked and Pro Ladder modes to unlock faction rewards

The Challenge ends on February 20th, 5 PM CET. Rewards will be distributed shortly after.


1. Only wins achieved during the challenge (i.e. not your overall career victories) with either Scoia’tael or Skellige count toward your challenge allegiance.
2. Games won with either of the warring factions before committing to a specific faction will still count toward your challenge progress, as long as one of the factions is chosen before the challenge ends.
3. Your challenge progress is determined by wins against all factions: those participating (Scoia’tael, Skellige) and not participating (Northern Realms, Nilfgaard, Monsters) in the challenge.
4. Playing games via friend challenge does not count toward your challenge allegiance.
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hmmm. An interesting choice...

These are my two least played factions :p No idea what to pick this time...


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Man, 30-50 wins is still a lot for one week. At least they added progress rewards for 10 and 20 wins though. So doesn't feel completely wasted.


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St forever. I know st wil lose(because bears and veterans) but i wil make over 30 victories
so , now only wins counts? If i make 30 wins i get the title , scraps and border with my choosed faction?
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Esmer;n10473752 said:
Is it just me or it no longer looks like a faction challenge? It looks like "get x wins with a faction" challenge. I believe supporters of each faction should get at least something extra if their faction wins.
I agree wholeheartedly.


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I agree wholeheartedly.
Same here but the amount of whining about rewards not being available to everyone, that took place in the last faction challenge probably made them re-think that. I wouldn't blame them. They are just trying to please entitled kids which coincidentally are at least some of their players

I'll probably go Scoia because I dusted off my old Mulligan deck and it seems to work again :p at least, moderately. We'll see xD


This is how faction challenges should have been in the first place. It rewards you for being a regular player (30 wins in one week for the border) and not simply winning 1 game with the meta faction and be done with it. Now all we need is a win counter... Plz CDPR. I don't want to accidentally miss out on the border!


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Win counter would be a great addition. But I would be okay with the exact time since when the wins count... Because I didn't find it in the original post.... Is it from the time the OP was posted?


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I selected ST and regretted it at first :p Ran into so many Eithne decks it's not even funny xD

On the other hand it seems to be settling now, I got some wins :) About 4 I think.


Oh, this time it's easy to pick a faction. It's going to be Scoia :) New frame and fame, here we come!