Second Conflict Mission Bug

Patch didn't fix the Dum Dum issue. Most people that didn't use the workaround like me don't have a save game before texting Nancy. My next quest step would be 'Go to Totentanz'. Even after 1.06, when i enter the building, take the elevator and go to the quest marker - Dum Dum's still missing. I'm playing on Series X.
please can you specify how you did it! thanks!
All I can say is that before the new patch I left the quest progression right after calling Nancy and I never went to the club and trigger the first part of second conflict by entering the building (I know it was bugged for me cause I've already tried playing that part and when I saw I couldn't progress cause of Dum Dum missing I reloaded my last available save file, which was right after calling Nancy from kerry's villa and just wait for an official fix).
So when 1.06 rolled out all I had to do was going to the club for the "first" time in that playthrough and see if Dum Dum finally showed up and fortunately he did.
It worked on an older save for me in which I was just about to leave kerry's house after the call with Nancy's assistant, but ill end up loosing 8 hours of content i have already completed in the game. I seems that the fix only works if you haven't triggered the johnny lines when you enter the totentanz.
Alright I tried various stupid things: went to the club without fast-travel, with fast-travel, used the elevator up and down multiples times, left the club and came back multiple times, spammed the talk button in case Dum Dum was invisible, jumped on people's heads, gunned down people outside for no reason, got murdered by the police, respawned and still nothing. Threw grenades inside, went to All Foods before going to the club and after going to the club, threw grenades at Royce, explored All Foods further before coming back to the club... And of course I have reloaded saves about a billion times.

Nothing worked, NOTHING.:D
What a bummer it is still not fixed... I have been doing side quests for a few days now and I really would like to progress in the story. I am waiting to meet Hanako until after I can complete this so it would be nice if there was a fix that actually... fixed it.
yeah same problem on my PC just 3 fanatic npcs don't do anything can't continue the mission before and after 1.06
After the 1.06 Update I'm still having this issue I've tried countless things such as uninstalling game then reinstalling with updates, unplugging console, doing other side quests, leaving when he doesn't appear go to badlands waited 48h then went back nothing seems to work I'm playing on base ps4
Has anyone tried to uninstall then reinstall the game? Would that maybe make a difference? I'm on PS5, but any news across platforms would be helpful.
Xbox One X, patch 1.06, 119 hours in game. Second Conflict mission still has no Dum-Dum in the club.
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