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20.1.2022 -- Update: Due to changes in TWiG's format, this thread is no longer in commission. However, @Burza46 has also embarked on a new podcast, with Flake (the first episode may be found here), and plans to take questions in future episodes. Please, stay tuned for more information.

Thanks to everyone who posted, and my apologies to those whose questions have gone unanswered.

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16.11.2021 -- Update: TWiG's format and focus have changed a bit recently. Although we still welcome your questions, Burza will pick only a few posts to answer each week, rather than all. Please, join us on Fridays to see the latest selection!

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Since we're bringing TWiG back it would be cool to make the format more interactive! I'd like you to ask your questions in this thread and I'll pick a couple and answer in next week's episode! [Burza's Twitch channel]


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What can you say about the short term evolution of Draft mode?
Will you expand the leader ability pool? Any evolution in the packages to expect?

The triple Madoc package for example is a bit weird: you made the new draft mode to be able to pick "pack" with internal synergy, however, you're also offering a triple Madoc package without any bomb (nor guarantee to get a bomb). Isn't it a bit against the original philosophy of Draft mode?
Hello Pawel <3

can we expect old Journeys (Geralt + Ciri) to ever come back? Or at least their cosmetics?

It would be super cool if we would have "seasons" for journey and at the start of new season, you could choose which journey you'd like to progress (even from old ones). I am worried that we will get one day Triss and I am not interested in her and would like to catch up with previously missed. #TeamYen


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A few questions just out of my mind:

1. Is there / will there be any public roadmap for Gwent moving forward?

2. Overall communication with the playerbase needs improvement. Generally changes / updates to the game are posted in forums literally the last minute, usually a day or two before the actual content is released. Are there any plans to improve this, and is so, how?

3. The update of powercrept cards is long overdue (and this is getting more of an issue with every new content released). Currently about 50-60% (some would argue even more) of the cardpool is significantly below the power level of newer sets. As Gwent still uses the total cardpool available for creating decks, addressing this is crucial. This can either be done step by step (say, every 2 months you release a patch rebalancing a set of 20-30 older cards) or can be done once a year, for the full collection. Yes, the latter is serious work, but only needs to be done once every 1-2 years.
This would also help to refresh the meta between 2 expansions.
When can we expect more cards with old Leader card arts ?
Eredin, Usurper and Harald are already back and cases like Detlaff/Unseen Elder and Brouver could be used to support their curently underperforming archetypes.

Are there any plans to give Nilfgaard a "charge + passive ability" leader ?
A solid option would be to balance Imprisonment around dealing 1 damage to enemy units that are getting locked.
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What's the plan for reworking and/or replacing bad performing Leaders or giving them cards to support them? Stockpile and such have been braindead for over a year.
Hey Burza!

Can we look forward to more merch designs in the near future? I was also curious if MM and WotW xpac card art will ever be available through Displate!
Hi Burza,

The year of the rat has ended but its reward book page isn't even half full. Will any changes happen to the reward book in a future update?
1. Would you ever consider making a cycling Seasonal page in the Reward Book that contains all of the trees relating to that Season? And if not, could we at least get some sort of in-game library where players can read all of the lore they unlocked from Story Nodes and Chests?

2. Would you ever consider reworking Assimilate? Whenever there is any imbalance within the game, Assimilate Engines like Braathens and Artorius Vigo are able to capitalize on it very easily by copying whatever is currently the most broken. Even if you manage to eventually balance the normal game, Assimilate will still be a problem in an alternative game mode like the various Seasonal Events. In fact, this is likely the main reason why Nilfgaard is overwhelmingly the most popular faction in nearly every Seasonal Mode.

3. When you announced that you would change most of the cards that removed Artifacts from the game, I and many others assumed that you would rebalance the Scenarios so that they no longer generated a truly insane amount of points, often 20 or more. Since that didn't happen, are you still considering this rework, or are they going to always remain as they are?
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