What game are you currently playing

Well, I wanted to play Cyberpunk 2077 but after doing the intro, it was just too unfinished for me to continue.

While I'm waiting for patches to drop I am also playing Valheim with a friend. Quite fun game.
PS5 and PC gamer here with almost 800 hours put into CP2077 on the PS5.

Always playing off and on Diablo III on PC.
Presently playing CP2077 and Horizon: Zero Dawn on the PS5.
Presently playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PC

Next up I have preordered Control for the PS5 due out in a few days.

Looking forward to Horizon: Forbidden West for PS5.
Just finished Thief Gold (took me 50 hours on Expert difficulty) and now playing Thief II - The Metal Age. I completed both 20 years a go but have gone back to play them again

I'm using the HD Mod, TFix, EAX and sound enhancements. Looks and sounds great, the HD mod changes the graphics quite dramatically, goes from blurry to sharp.

The use of sound in these games is incredible, best sneak em ups ever.

Got both off GOG for £1
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Was playing some 7 Days to Die doing some looting then
worked on my base after getting wasted by a leaper zombie.
Just completed Jeff Minter's Moose Life on PS4, after which I'd like ask CDPR if they have a contact address for Korishi's Optics Department? I asked Musk and he pointed me in your direction :giggle:
This past week, I finished my third play through of Cyberpunk(160 hours), as a Nomad, completed The Room 4: Old Sins (7 hours), and completed The Talos Principle and DLC (35 hours). All the while, I have Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm (too many hours) going on that I do things with each day over about three years.

Gaming is a lot of fun, and something I do with most of my time now. I have 70 games to complete in my library, as all as released in the 90's, to as new as released two years ago. I have 79 perfect games on Steam (one game that can never be perfect, due to the Batman multiplayer server being removed), and more than ten games that do not have achievements.

I have not decided what game to play next, as of yet. I have a lot of choices to choose from, but sometimes it takes a day or two before I commit to the next game, because I play it thoroughly, unless it is bad. Gamer life is awesome!

Playing and loving outer worlds. Definitely scratching my RPG itch, nicely paced well thought out game.

Playing kinda nice atm, but really looking forward to a 'lunatic space pirate' playthrough.

Then next on my list is divinity original sin 2.
At the moment, I found myself going back to Dusk. Once Steam granted the refund, which is pending, I'll get HROT despite it being in early access.
Maybe that I'll play some classic Doom again too, stil need to finish the Delta mod.
Just finished my first playthrough of CP2077, did all the endings. Now just exploring the map and trying to save enough E$ to buy all the vehicles on sale.
COD Modern Warfare cause Cold War sucks.
After this week's free Cold War I think I prefer CW multiplayer, just seems to have more thump and whack to it, though I'm not best placed to judge as I've been playing Nuketown and not a right lot else. Tried a few maps and the only ones that seemed to have anything about them were old BO / BO2 maps, judgment in itself I guess. I'd certainly toy with picking the game up in a sale sometime, if it didn't completely crash-lock my PS4 up every 4 games or so. Ah well, if you can't run along the walls what's the point anyway? :D
Outer Worlds,for a second time. I am loving it even more now then on my 1st playthrough.

Done CP2077 twice now. Just over 290 hours put into Night City at 1440P on Psycho RTX settings. Runs and looks amazing ,except for the insanely bad GLARE you exp when driving in 1st person.
Here is hoping Patch 1.2 Fixes allot more then we EXPECT it will, and especially the A.I. and Police behaviour,and where oh where is the plethora of FREE DLC ??????

Next up is Divinity Original Sin 2 which I have never played.
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