Witcher 3 News [LINKS & DISCUSSION]

Angry joe will be going to CDR in Poland around April 14th. He said he will do an interview and get some new footage. I hope it's gonna be some funny stuff like last time with TW2:EE :hai:

Brilliant news! Joe is just awesome. Can't wait for this and for his TW3 review, I fully expect 10/10 bad ass legendary seal of approval :)
I can already imagine a new trailer on the 1st of April, with ultra bad graphics so people can spam downgrade and then you release a non-april's fool super HD ultra graphics trailer on the next day,

Your filthy plans are spoiled.

Pls super HD ultra graphics trailer
If the last half year/year has showed me anything, it's that CDPR doesn't need to show bad graphics for people to start chanting downgrade.

Looking forward to AngryJoe's preview ^^, now where is Jesse?


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Oh, you are not going to be happy with us in April then.

Ok, it's official. I am going to move to a cave until TW3 is released. I want to experience everything fresh the first time I start the game on May 19th! A true test of willpower, a test that I will probably fail.
Oh...I think I will sell my router, then. asd
No internet until May.

We will support you from the distance. While you courageously resist the temptation of become more knowledgeable about the game, we'll sacrifice ourself and read more Q&A's, we will download more unpublished screenshots and we will even watch, strongly against our will, a new video.

The end of Lent is near, and Christmas will arrive in May. I think my personal calendar is suffering a conjunction of temporal spheres caused by this interminable wait ... and I guess I've lost some weight too...

Let's get our bones ready!!!


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Thanks, @TheEvilChris for fresh spring news... ;)
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And here i am, hyping the living crap out of the game by watching Sword Of Destiny trailer over and over because, obviously duh, cant wait for the game but then i get to see this. I dont think ill live long enough(i am going to get an heartattack, for sure) for me to witness Witcher 3 being released and then play it.

I am so FREAKING PUMPED for this and no matter what choices CDPR makes in regards of releasing whatever material they have in mind im just going to accept it and build the hype even more!!!
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