Freezing winter in Skellige

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That would be awesome. If anyone could do it, it would be you! :) Snow and fire at the same time...
What about making Ard Skellig look like it has a volcano that has erupted. Always cloudy, ash raining down a intense magma glow from the tallest peak? Is something like that possible?
It's possible to do almost anything,
the problem is that it takes time, knowledge and reliable tools.

the knowledge comes from programmers and programmers from CDRed Projek, also modeurs of this forum that uses Nexus to publish their mods.
the main development tool provided by CDRed Projek "MODKIT" reads the contract for use of wcc_eula.
it is also possible to use the script to change the elements of the game.
To go back to the topic MaykonLexar, give us your link here before the published on Nexus, I will test it, I work on the climate of the game with UPhoenix
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Any news of this project? Can't wait. I have Skellige totally abandoned in my current run (since weeks hahaha) just to enjoy it with this when it releases.

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Have you managed to fix the grass issues? Do you still need to remove any shaders to make it work?
I'm working on new snow textures
Taking care of every detail for more realism
@MonarchX , today I'll send you the mod to test...
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Still patiently waiting for this to come out :'(
It's not a simple thing to do because it involves all Skellige's terrain and I want something very well done so do not have to upgrade frequently
f it were not for @MonarchX and @Marcin Momot , this mod would have been discarded a long time
I ask you to be patient because there are many textures to create and edit
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New textures for the snow

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After many hours, I finally managed to create snow-like textures for the mountains
(...) I will edit all the rocks of Skellige to adapt to the aspect of snow

There are no more stones fakes in Skellige :)
What do I mean by that? Is that some stones what that are scattered around the map, are .srt files that are linked to .flyr files and, thanks to @Marcin Momot , these stones no longer exist and so I have a clean terrain for a better snow look



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