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How does Count Caldwell work?

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Count Caldwell describtion says: Every turn, on turn end, move to the row with the highest unit on the battlefield.

What's unit? As this card either bugged or I don't understand what's unit. It didn't go from a row with 4; 3 ;4; C to 10; 4; 5. Where C is the count and 10 being a soldier. During the round it moved occassionally from row to row. My line of thought was to boost a unit on the opposite side to make it igniable and then get the count back. But this doesn't work as described to my opinion

wait. does it actually have to be larger than count itself perhaps?
Since the new patch Count Caldwell counts itself. Because he is a count he should count, right? get it? count- count......
Puns and jokes aside. He works just fine, if yours and your opponent's strongest unit have the same power, then there is a 50% chance that he will move to the other side or stay where he is. For example in your case, the count had 10, the soldier had 10 so there was a chance for him to move to the other side. You can either boost the count while he is on your side so he is the highest unit or have another unit stronger than the count for him to remain on your side.
Just played another game where i had a 17 power witch but Caldwell didn't move because IT had 18 power. That doesn't fit the description, it says move to the side with the highest power card and clearly for 8 provisions that CANNOT INCLUDE ITSELF!!!!

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but can CDPR either do something about this cards description, its cost or its' mechanic. This is just a Big Monster hack abuse that's killing games every time. How many cards would you have to play as literally ANY other deck to get Caldwell to move??? Even if you 'reset' it, it's still got 10 points and unlikely to move unless you're running Big Monster yourself.

Sort it out please.
CDPR did sort it out. Caldwell was changed in a patch to also include himself, which some people wanted. I agree the description is ambiguous, but not necessarily wrong. Either way, now that you know how the card works, you can act on it accordingly.
Still seems like a terrible card. It's only purpose is to support Big Monsters, which adds less than nothing to any 'lore' in the game. It's guaranteed 10 points for only 8 provisions, in that deck, and no other deck would run it. At the very least it should cost the same if not more than Golyat.

So clearly, NO, they didn't sort it out.
This card is a mess. Now the description says "Every allied turn, on turn end, move to the row with the highest unit on the battlefield". "Allied turn", seriously? Caldwell changes allies! So in R3, my opponent plays Caldwell and passes. I play my last card, thereby getting the highest unit on the battlefield and Caldwell does not move to my side. This is so bad. Let him change directly after a higher card is played, including last card. Problem solved.
"Every allied turn, on turn end, move to the row with the highest unit on the battlefield."

"Caldwell counts himself as highest unit."

"If Caldwell is tied with highest unit, there is a 50/50 chance for Caldwell to flip, on turn end."

If this is the case then why is it that if an opponent plays Caldwell first, then you reply with a Caldwell yourself, your Caldwell will always flip to opponents side? Is this just a case of me being unlucky with the 50/50 and it just happening to me, or do you always lose the 50/50 if you play Caldwell second? If so then that is not what was described.
You have given the details but still didn't understand the mechanics."

So your opponent plays Caldwell and after he pass Caldwell stays in his side (reason: your opponent has the highest unit). Then you reply by playing your Caldwell too and after you pass your Caldwell flips and why is that? with 10 as highest value on the board,your Caldwell will consider the opponent's Caldwell the highest unit resulting into a flip. So to prevent your Caldwell from fliping you need an 11 or higher unit on the same turn.
This card is really treacherous.

Yesterday, the last card my opponent played in round 3 was Caldwell and it was the strongest card on the board.

Then I played a 7 points Yaevinn who dealt 6 damages to Caldwell, therefore, my card became the strongest.

However, since the game ended here, Caldwell didn't switch side. It's logic, the card says : "Every allied turn, on turn end, move to the row with the highest unit on the battlefield. "

But I find it very unfair. It means that if your opponent play Caldwell as his last card, even if you play a stronger card after him, you can't counter him.

I think the older version of this card was more balanced, in my books, he didn't need this boost.
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Interesting thoughts, I just started playing recently and thought that this is one of the worst cards, but some of this points will make me change my mind :D
Every other card in Gwent treats their own side as highest when both players have the highest unit of similar strength. Why not Caldwell? For example, he can switch sides when he is the highest (10) and the opponent also has a highest unit of 10. This is simply not consistent with other cards in the game and is pretty lame RNG for a strategy game.
Caldwell doesn't make sense. Yesterday I played him as my very last card and then passed. The opponent had the highest unit. According to his description, he should've jumped to opponent's side but didn't and I (undeservedly) won.