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New Digital Comic -- The Witcher: Curse of Crows #1 now available!

Why keep insisting on releasing Comics that go against games continuity and crach with many of the endings? It just feels like you are trying to milk the franchise with little to no regard to lore and continuity any more.

A lot of people complained when "The Witcher: Matters of Conscience" was released, you should have gotten the hint.
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Riven-Twain;n3061913 said:
There. There wolf. There Striga.
Ahhhh "Young Frankenstein" alive and well with at least one person.

As to the OP post. I have Both Volume 1 and Volume 2: Fox Children and I like both of them, so I will be getting Volume 3: Curse of the Crows. In physical format, not digital. The will look nice on the Witcher Bookshelf (it's just a regular bookshelf, nothing more) I have.
Is there a chance that in the near future a compilation of all the volumes could be made available as additional Witcher 3 content on gog?
Without having to go on any second or third party's sites to get the actual PDF?