Patch 1.3

I'm salty now, you manage to download the patch, play the game and upload videos... while in my case, I have just reached 70% since I started the update few minutes after the release :cry:
I downloaded the full game on Steam. It took 15 minutes. I'm in Spain.
Wow... these dlc jackets have actually got a worse armour value than V's common suit jacket that I've got her wearing - 9.9 to their...
Wait, what happened there? In the stash the stats were worse, but once they're in my backpack inventory the stats have increased - wierd! :shrug:

On another note, is it my imagination, or are bikes easier to handle after this patch. Might just be that I haven't played in awhile though.
Thanks for the hard work !!! I have only played 30 minutes to see the patch and I want to highlight several negative things that I have noticed that need to be corrected:

* There is still the design hole in Heywood. Please fix it.

* Npc death by shorts has a new animation but does not run smoothly or freezes. The npc dies and falls and rises again automatically to do the electrocuted death animation. Either it gets stuck for a few seconds.

* The animation of climbing the stairs is not done correctly, the first seconds are executed well and then the hands adopt the walking pose and you go up the stairs without animation. The swimming animation is a horror.

* When you are in the inventory menu or any other and you return to the game the image makes a strong flash before returning to the game. The bugs are clearer if it is at night.

Keep working guys, there's still a long way to go. I will play again tonight to see if there are more bugs to fix.

I have already reported the bug to CDPR. Is this the correct form: (THANKS DRACONIFORS AND RIVEN-TWAIN)

Please I would like to know if you also have these bugs that I have mentioned.

Tonight I'll keep looking for more.
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I am so glad i played this when it was released. With every patch, its performance on the same system is worse and it looks worse. At least for me. I really loved my December 2020 playthrough. 180 hours. So i got my money's worth. Beyond that - I dont see playing again tho....
I downloaded the full game on Steam. It took 15 minutes. I'm in Spain.
Ok... I'm in France, but the true/real reason, is I'm in "countryside" or "outback" as you wish :D
(we can't have everything)
Please I would like to know if you also have these bugs that I have mentioned.

Tonight I'll keep looking for more.
I will try, but like I said, not very soon :(
(for the reports, sound good for me, we clearly see the problems/bugs, but yeah, it's to CDPR Support).
Unless nose rings are supposed to be stuck up your nose in some new Cyberpunk fashion statement, I don't think piercings are displaying properly any more - at least not all of them.
It is not at all impossible that the empty egg appearance that Night city now has in many places cannot change over time if modders are given the tools to build the interiors or CDPR assigns members of the design team to this role. They would create hundreds of additional game hours with random missions and multiplayer. It seems to me a potential that we cannot ignore. Cyberpunk 2077 can make history if over time it improves its systems and gives us a city more full of additional content.

I didn't take modders into account but I doubt CDPR themself will do something like that. Modders of course a free to do as they chose. However, I think it is also quite likely that such an undertaking would hit the engine limitations of the game which would make this really impossible. Now, I don't know that for certain, but I think that this would be the case.
And still nothing that would bring me back to this game, and it seems most agree:

On Steam, people playing CP77 before patch 1.3 - about 12,000.

People playing After patch 1.3 - 11,000.

You need to be doing a lot more, CDPR.

Funky odd bug, this one.

Edit: Ignore this one. I thiiiink I fixed it on my own.


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