The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan PL

Hello guys! :)

Finally! Update 5.1 has been finished (there are only a few small fixes to do but it will only take a moment), so now time to take comparison screenshots, make video and upload everything (It can take a lot of time, because my upload speed is very slow and the size of 5.1 is large, almost 2x bigger than 5.0) so I think that 5.1 release will be in 2-3 days. ;)

Here is one screenshot announcing the new update:

Regards :)

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The attention to detail is truly grand for those rocks!

I still can't figure out whether you actually create your own textures from scratch or whether you buy and edit textures...
First thanks for this wonderful work, the game now looks amazing.
What about reworked monsters ? Is this possible in the future? Because some of them seem terrible.
Seems perfection is still going, everytime I check new updates you make me play the game again, despite i've 100% it 2 times.
Hi, folks -- general reminder to keep things on-topic. This thread is about HD Reworked, not other enhancement mods or projects. If you want to discuss alternatives, additions, or other projects, please start a separate thread.
I could use Some help with your mod, i cant seem te get the Halk slider option in the graphics menu.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem?

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Just wanted to say Thanks one more time, but alao that many of your meshes and vanilla meshes you edited could really use reduced number of LOD's or none at all, along with increased draw distance. There was no FPS hit after I went through all HDRP meshes, a ton of large and medium sized common + Redania, Skellige, Prologue, etc. architecture, decoration, terrain-surrounding vanilla meshes, and deleted non-0 LOD's + set autoHideDistance to 300 or more.

The visual impact was drastic - far less popping, especially for rocks and wood items, but I discovered something else - the game does not even load the highest quality meshes for some objects no matter what settings you adjust. Killing off non-LOD's was the only way to get the highest quality out of those objects.

The newer Increased Draw Distance mod made with script does not work on most meshes for whatever reason and does nothing for LOD management...

From what I was told - w2l level files can and do override mesh autoHideDistance with correct parameters, so there is probably no way to go overboard with mesh draw distance increasing. There is a hard-set limit on how many particles and polygons and whichever triangles can be displayed at one time on the screen.

Also, I suggest looking into FX shaders for water FX, like the one used for bath tub foam from Yen and Geralt dream sequence. You can get really nice foam FX on rivers with that. It shares many parameters identically-named as parameters in transpa6 reflective shader used by many puddles and rivers.

Finally, I noticed that developers created copies of some few identical main game textures in different DLC directories, some of which you edited, but only for one directory. I will go through and make a list of those, so the next HDRP will have those covered

BTW, I am trying to figure out why one or two of the torch meshes you created crashes the game if those meshes are used, but they aren't not used by default because you placed them in a different directory, most likely as a temporary WIP location.
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