The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan PL

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Hello I have small problem. When I want to uncook base game file. Not all of them are uncooked properly. Some files are just 4kb. Like meshes. And because of that I can't expprt this to fbx file. In long n section on this specific file. Is something like "Creating fallback file". Am I doing something wrong? Because almost all files are uncooked. But not all. I have the same problem with BMX files. Another prkblem is when I want to export bmx files to tga etc. I have error called file isnt :under depot" Any clues? If I'm writing in bad play please send me a link to another place.
please for help.

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I feel your pain Bart. HalkHogan does not cook his mod to be uncookable by others and does not make it merge-friendly, even though I have provided very detailed steps on how to make it uncookable and mergeable quite a few times.

If you search these forums for "shampoo" then you will find a thread I made that explains how to fully uncook HDRP and re-cook it the way CDPR would cook it because they don't provide just high quality, they provide THE highest quality and that most definitely includes packing their content correctly to be uncookable and cookable.
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Bartzczerska;n10925030 said:
Hello I have small problem. When I want to uncook base game file. Not all of them are uncooked properly.

For moderators: the exact same happens with uncooking HDRP. So even if this is off topic, it isn't entirely.

For Bart:
​​​​​​Wcc has issues. Delete the small mesh and the 1.buffer and reuncook without changing the directories. It'll produce the desired mesh. Also works with xbm's

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AFAIK, HDRP's "CRC corrupt" meshes are simply vanilla meshes with edited parameters and they are the ones you can only unpack, not uncook, but his fully custom meshes cook and uncook without issues.

However, WCC does suck and it has a limit on how much memory a single bundle can uncook as far as textures go. If the amount is too big, you will get an OUT OF MEMORY error upon uncooking with many corrupt and uncooked textures. In such a case you can also use Texture Cache reader, but it is far from ideal... You have to trick it to get it to uncook all textures. Again, search for my "shampoo" guide to learn more.
Translated part of the text Google translator, I hope you guys will not bleed from the eyes.

I had a problem and I almost never mentioned it.
Game version 1.31, without mods. I set HD Reworked manually, but nothing happened. Removed and put through an exe file from Nexus. In both versions, the Halk Ultra HD settings appear, but the textures do not change. No error, no other mods, no ideas, just suffering.

Thanks to all who will respond. Forgive me if this topic has already been raised, but it is very difficult for me to find it.

p.s. I'm in the starting village. Could it be that they just did not change it and I need to go to the city larger for checking?

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You should notice changes in wood textures in Prolog village White Orchard.
Hello guys!:yawn:
Quick news for you:
Version 5.1 is doing well and will be finished soon, it will be really big, lots of visible changes (rocks, trees, palisades, water, wooden gates, a lot improvements of previous stuff and more). :)

There are some screenshots but I don't want to show everything before release:

HalkHoganPL I get the feeling you keep reworking same things. Is there anything really new ? Also don't take this as complaint or disrespect i am just asking. Finally thanks for all your work, respect man, you are making this game beautifull.
Can't wait. This is a long shot, but, did you manage to enable SSR on mirrors like you did for water? Is that even doable?
Looking great Halk! Only thing I could add is that I still think those gaps between the palisades are a little too wide.

Then again, that's a very minor complaint.
Great mod but I'm having some bugs/glitches with some rock textures for some reason with the latest version of HDRP.

Seems to be that some of the reworked textures just aren't being enabled and you get a mishmash of vanilla and HDRP textures. I've installed it correctly and the mod is nb. 1 o my load order and I've also tweaked my NCP settings according to the mod author's guide, so that should not be an issue. It also doesn't conflict with any other mods with script merger.

Any ideas?
Hello guys! :)

Firstly sorry for the long delay with the release, but I want to rework a lot of stuff and polish up everything as best as possible. Unfortunately you need a lot of time and effort for this. But 5.1 will be definitely the biggest update ever and it will certainly make the game much more beautiful. :)
Here are some new screenshots from 5.1: (everything is still WIP and it can slightly change)

Release "soon". ;)

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