🍺Welcome to The Hairy Bear: The Witcher Off-Topic



The old bear has grown too big. So, it's finally time to pass on the mantle to her cub. Here we go again and remember: don't feed the bear too much lest it outgrows itself again...

Welcome to the Hairy Bear

The tavern for our offsping and skilled Witchers
This bewitchingly and charming place invites users and staffies likewise to come to know each other. Stay for a while to have a (virtual) drink and talk about all the world and his brother or your own little precious world, wife and family, sisters and brothers, dog and hamster. Make yourself at home when you are back from work or school. Drop by when you decide to stay at home because today you are sick and tired of your favourite teacher or beloved boss. The Hairy Bear is an off topic tavern which means no inquiries about in-game issues. We have countless threads about it outside our tavern. We should have enjoyable and even funny discussions. Yes, indeed fun ;D Please don't confuse that with spam.
Ice, Grizzly or Polar?
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