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Favourite Character in the Witcherverse

Favourite Character in the Witcherverse

I was just chatting with my gf about the witcher and the subject of favourite character came up. I was a bit surprised to learn hers is Nenneke just as she was surprised to learn mine is Zoltan.

So who is your favourite? If you've got friends/family familiar with the world, who are theirs? :)

Sorry i this is a repost.
In books Regis and Cirilla. Couldn't choose between them.

In games Gaunter O'Dimm. Always liked this type of characters.
Geralt of Rivia.

Geralt is actually one of my favorite fictional characters of all times in all forms of entertainment including books, movies, and games.

He is very well written. He is very relatable, although he is very different.

He is and he will always be the Witcher for me, and no one can replace him, not even Ciri, Eskel, or anyone else for that matter.
In game Kalkstien books Regis but that goes with out saying Geralt the whole reason I got into the Witcherverse .
For myself, I'd say Geralt is the character with whom I identify most, and find the most intriguing as a personality. Vesemir is a close second, as I've always admired seasoned veteran characters (even if he does lack Geralt's 'compassion'). Zoltan I like for his humour and loyalty in the games. I also rather like Saskia, for her idealism. Cerys is also well done.
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Geralt is my favorite, but after reading the books I started liking Ciri a lot, so its close between them. I also like Triss a lot. Regis deserves a mention and Dandelion who often annoyed me in the games, but I found him surprisingly likable in the books. From the characters CDPR created Baron, Gaunter and Letho.

It's not exactly one but I think the biggest strength of the Witcher universe are the characters and I could easily list a dozen more that I thought were absolutely amazing.
Books (in terms of complexity) - Yen, Geralt, Vilgefortz ( at the beginning at least), Regis, creepy Leo Bonhart,Milva, Ciri (except those horrible Rats chapters),
Games only - Baron, Cerys, Iris..Letho?
In the books-Yennefer, Geralt ,Ciri(but she annoys me sometimes in the books),Regis,Zoltan. It's hard to choose actually.
In the games: The Bloody Baron, Iris, O'Dimm, Shani, Saskia