I do not want to lose exp on main quests so I have to be more selective on which side quests to do, & avoid exploration too much. A lot of the main quests are very long & you are 1-2 level close to overlevel, you run risk of overleveling & not getting exp at end of quest. Not to menation many main quests run in parallel, & have same level.

I am dangerously close to overlevel on my main quests, hence I am abandance all side quests & exploration until I am done with the main quests.
death match it fix that problem

plus the game is not ment to DO_IT_ALL_IN_A_SINGLE_PLAYTHROUGH

No, it doesn't. I've played on Death March from the start and can't for the life of me make the main quests catch up with my level even if I only do main quests for hours.

Your best bet is to get the Slower Levelling Mod (http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/40/?) from the Nexus and start over - though chances are it'll corrupt your save or get messed up anyway when the game is patched.
I think we should get a fix for over-leveling and a harder difficulty.

I feel as over-leveling ruins the game and makes it way too easy on any setting, Death March is a joke later on. Give us an option to scale the leveling down to be more inline with the zones and possibly another difficulty setting that makes the AI a bit smarter.

This is the only thing i feel this game lacks.

Anybody found a way to prevent severely outleveling opponents in main, side quests and contracts as well?

I can't help but anticipate on becoming way too overcalculated (in regards to level) and am bent on finding a way to prevent this so that i can maintain the challenge throughout the storyline and in regards to contracts as well.

Simple, lvl up in witcher dot give you additional stats, just a point in skills. So just use armor/weapons 5-6 lvl below you (that the overlevel if you do a lot of sidequest) and problem solved. Also dont use mutagens, and the game becomes VERY challeging.
Play like this:

- No mutages
- No Place of Power
- Armor/Sword usable if you are 5 - 6 lvl higher
- No potion upgrade
- No Armor Talent
- No Fleet Footed
- No Quen (an also Axxi upgrade)

Overlvlin up just give you a point here, so no problem if you nerf yourself in using weapon/armor to counter the overlvl.

With this the game becomes a challenge, you need to use oil/bombs and think before every fight (human enemies still are too easy)., some enemies kills you in 2 hits..
I have yet to run into anything that would qualify as over leveling. I've never felt as I was overpowered. Each area of the map also is scaled for a specific level i don't see any issue. Why do you think it has over leveling? I'm on steel and broken bones and I never feel a fight is too easy.
I'm doing all side quests and exploring and never really overleaveld. I keep an eye on the recommended level.
i dont understand how everyone is complaining about being overpowered, outleveld, i played more than 50 hours, and im level 15, the enemies and side quests give too little xp points, the leveling is way too slow
I don't think anyone would CHOOSE themselves to reduce their own xp-gain, it should be integrated in the game.

Or just make main-story be ALWAYS your level, auto-scaling enemies to yours.

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This is another thing that the devs must have known before. Why didn't they make the XP system more like in MMOs? There you get more XP for big challenges and less XP for smaller challenges, thus adjusting everything nicely up or down. It is like adaptive difficulty, but done in a way that doesn't so directly and blatantly interfere in gameplay that it would make things look too equalized.

I'd have recommended the OP to raise difficulty when things become too easy due to overleveling, but if it's already on the highest difficulty, then that's crass.
I mean, you could use worse gear, but THAT would probably mess up the gameplay feeling.
According to some people, not receiving xp for ouleveled quest is a gamebreaking problem with the game balance, others say that it is just too easy to outlevel quests wich is a gamebraking problem with the game balance.
I think that means that even if this issue needs some tuning it is not a big problem.
I see a lot of people complaining about being over leveled when getting back to the main story. I am typically not in favor for scaling content. I feel like it breaks the immersion of the game when you see a level 70 rat. However, for those who are complaining I could see one fix would be to up-scale the content to the users level whereas the rest of the content stays the same.
What for? Solution is to reduce XP gain not upscale that would kill the game.

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i dont understand how everyone is complaining about being overpowered, outleveld, i played more than 50 hours, and im level 15, the enemies and side quests give too little xp points, the leveling is way too slow

XP bug?
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