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hello there
can we expect some changes to ranked matchmakin? I mean, it took like 10-15 minutes before I got an opponent on ranks 3/2, kinda disappointing while you want to grind to pro rank.

kind regards
When you are talking about "new page", do you mean entire Wild Board page, including Wild Boar tree, Thronebreaker tree and Thronebreaker leader trees(since they are part of this new Wild Boar page), or are you talking specifically about Wild Boar Tree only? In other words, will Thronebrekaer leader trees go away along Wild Boar tree or will they stay open indefinitely?
We'll see how it goes, based on the content drops plus new leaders and trees for them. Basically I don't have a yes or no for this.
Dear Burza,
1) Is there any balance update planned for Feb?
2) You had mentioned that March Expansion would bring new leaders and you kind of hinted that we will not get a new faction, but only a theme. So, would March Expansion bring new leaders to the five existing factions?
3) Roughly how many new cards would be added as part of the March Expansion?
[Next question is a personal Question for Burza.]
4) Burza, from one ST player to another, what is your opinion about current state of ST as a faction.
Have a great day!
1) Most likely yes
2) Yes, new leaders for existing factions
3) Over 100
4) It's fun, but knowing what's coming I know it will be funner :D
Hi Burza! Glad to have you back!
As we know there is a patch coming in February, is there any new feature we can get excited about besides bug fixes and card balancing changes?
Thx, have a great week!
We'll see, we have some things in the works, but I don't want to go into details until I know for sure that sth is being implemented :)
Hey Burza ! How are you today?

Quick question, I know it's not a priority at all but do you guys plan to give base set leader avatars (the ones when you unlock all nodes of a leader tree) their faction color. Thronebreaker leader avatar have their faction color when the base set ones don't. Pretty sure it would just be a quick tweak.
Are there any plans to bring back buffing trap cards like it used to be with Toruviel for example? I think it was actually pretty fun and a great way how to trick opponents. :)
Hi Burza,

Is it possible to get the older faction theme songs back in Gwent? I liked how you guys kept the original tavern music as an option when they introduced the new theme songs in open beta, I was hoping you could do the same now. New music is ok, but the old songs are very much missed :)

1. Will you bring back some of the beta voice lines and sound effects that have disappeared since Homecoming, such as Vicovaro Medic (now Experimental Remedy), Elven Mercenary (now Waylay), or Golden Froth ...

2. Is the Reveal archetype for Nilfgaard going to be reworked at some point, it's very far from what people fell in love with in beta. Additionally are there any substantial reworks planned at the moment for underwhelming cards. If not at the moment, will you consider it once the March expansion releases.

3. I'm not sure where to post this, so I'll try there. Margarita Laux-Antille's order ability cannot be cancelled, it can be a little bit annoying if you miss-click on her as you'll be forced to spend her three charges, not sure if you're aware of it.

Hope all is well, excited about the future, and best wishes to all.
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So I'm not sure if this possible, but it seems like it would be helpful. Is there any way we could select one of our decks to be played by the A.I in practice mode? The thinking is that it would be nice to play against our decks and try to figure out weaknesses. Also if we program net decks we could more easily test counters.

Thanks for your consideration.
Hello Burza,

Great job on the recent updates and really loving the game right now!

Recently on reddit threads and on stream, streamers have been talking about the return of NG spies archtype at march expansion. However since there is a debate amongst the community regarding the validity of the claim, i thought to pose the question to you directly? :)

I do understand there is an existing set of cards to support the archtype. Are you looking to add more cards to it or satisfied with how the base set is currently?

NG spies was (arguably) the most beloved archtype in the game and i am quite sure a lot of people will be really excited with its resurgence in the meta.

Keep up the great work and cant wait for the march expansion!
When are we going to start getting leeks on the mechanics and keywords we will get with the March expansion? 😀
Believe this has been asked before;

Is there another premium event (5th card guaranteed premium) coming?
Last was 8-12-2018.
I’m still hoarding resources.

Thanks in advance.
With respect to factions such as NR or ST, that dont appear to be competitive atm. And the dev's discussion of ideas of implementing a sixth faction.

My question.
What is the current priorities of the dev team, is it to create a garbage bin of factions/leaders, and let the players sort it out by selecting the few that are competitive?
Or are dev's planning on improving leaders such that every leader can have a competitive deck with winrate of atleast 50%.
I have some questions about Pro Rank Regulations.

1. If I win my "last fight" in Rank 1 and I do not accept Pro Rank Regulations "at once" then: will I stay in Rank 1 with 5/5 mozaic fragments?

2. If, after that, I go to game options and accept Pro Rank Regulations from there then: will I go automaticaly to Rank 0 or will I need to win "last fight" again?

3. What is so "special" about Pro Rank Regulations that I need to accept them at this stage? What rules weren't already covered by EULA everybody accepted when started playing? What new rules were added at this point?

Are monsters getting nerfed in february?

I don't play monsters, but I think monsters as a whole are fine, they just seem strong because everyone plays Control, Point slam beats control since Beta, control atm has engines at check, so Point slam has control at check, nerfing them is a mistake because then control is everything, it already kinda is. If anything control should be nerfed or more pointslam options added in the game to counter the massive amounts of damage, which is also undercosted and too efficient, and locks.