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[Spoilers] What's your Opinion on Blood and Wine?



[Spoilers] What's your Opinion on Blood and Wine?

This thread is dedicated to expressing your opinion and giving feedback on the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's second expansion, Blood and Wine.

I've played a little over four hours thus far. I like the story (I'm still fairly early in the main quest). I love the characters I have met so far.
Where I just left off - Regis's conversation with Geralt in the graveyard over drinks - was particularly great.

But my favorite thing thus far has been the setting. Toussaint and Beauclair are both beautiful. I think Beauclair is even more impressive than Novigrad personally.

So let me know your thoughts about Blood and Wine.
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Just when I thought cd project couldn't do any better......

I consider The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to be the best game I've ever played. Never before, have I ever been so engrossed in a game. The story of Geralt and his adventures just memorized me. Slaying monsters, traveling to war torn kingdoms, and wooing the occasional strumpet(all of my playthroughs ended with Triss. I love her character), made me feel like I was playing in a living world. It's amazing! But just when I thought it couldn't get any better, here comes the Blood and Wine expansion. You guys at CD Project Red really understand how to deliver top notch storytelling and gameplay. I'm not going to spoil anything, but I can say the story in Blood and Wine so far, is worth the price of admission itself. And the characters are masterfully portrayed. Great job guys! Absolutely great job!


I love it, I can't praise it enough :)

Played seven hours today, collected all Skellige cards (that deck is awesome!) and cleared all notice boards. Did few random ! quests on the side :D They were hilarious :D

statues missing nuts and Geralt's lost bank account (that is still progressing, they are gathering money at the moment), next stop is gwent tournament

I think this expansion is going to take way over 30 hours for me, and that's a good thing :) There seems to be plenty of everything. Sadly I need to go to work soon, but tomorrow I'm going to continue :) I'm still too stunned to give proper and detailed opinion. It's just so freaking awesome that only thing I'm capable to do right now is drooling :D Once this first positive shock blast eases a bit, maybe then I can give more detailed opinion ;)

Ah, I can't wait to play again!


How is the combat like with new mutation system ?


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I've only been a little ways into the DLC so far story-wise:

Where you first meet Regis in the warehouse

So far I really like it, I love how it doesn't waste time shattering the initial expectations you may have had about what sort of quest you're on, it's like a good mystery, I honestly have no clue where this will end up but I'm excited to find out.

I did some cursory exploration across the land, mostly testing boundaries and riding towards interesting landscapes in the distance. To be honest I was trying to find that forest with the giant mushrooms from the official screenshots, no luck as of yet so it may be a location gated by a quest, but found several other places of interest which I won't spoil, and nearly had my head torn off by one of the new beasties...

PANTHER!!! Yikes!


It's a masterpiece! I love everything about it, the music, the environment, the quests, characters, everything. I'ts a fitting farewell the the best game ever.


CDPR really honed every aspect of the base game and the result is the, atleast thus far, super awesome Blood and Wine.

+Really nice to see that the shortcomings of the base game have been recognized and improved upon ( Trees, vegetation, LOD transitions are more subtle, changes to water etc.)
+I was also happy to see that things like autocamera centering can be disabled straight from the menu where as I before had to use mods (Thanks to the creators of those). I hope that FriendlyHUD/immersiveHUD style of functionality will be present in future games by CDPR if not in a future patch for Witcher.
+Dialogues and their cinematics are really awesome. Quite fascinating to see how those aspects have evolved from the base game through HOS to BaW.
+Story has been interesting with quite alot of nice references to the books etc.

The new region is generally a bit more demanding on the GPU side but also looks very, very nice. Areas are also more balanced when it comes to GPU utilization where as in the base game there were great variations between for example Novigrad and Skellige druid forests.( GPU utilization going between Novigrads 40% to 100% in afformentioned location in skellige whilst V-synced at 60FPS). This just means that were getting maximum eye candy at all times. Only time that the framerate dipped unusually was when
searching for the three clues with Anna Henrietta. If I recall correctly it happened especially at the ''phoenix egg'' part when you rendezvous after finding the two earlier clues.

-played about 6 hours so haven't been able to test all areas.

Really nice experience thus far. Thanks for the taking the time to deliver us such an nice expansion :cheers:
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Blood and Wine Amazing Plot

Thanks to Cdred for this great addon. Played the story a bit yet and I was so suprised which great character I did meet again from the books, so amazing! Reminds me of Mandragora liquior... :)


love it! just one quick question.
do any of you know where to find vivenne after you've lifted her curse? can't get enough of her!


Loving it so far! It almost feels like the first few days of playing Witcher 3 all over again.
(I'm at the boozing with an old friend in a graveyard stage)
I'm constantly chuckling at all the little easter-eggs/references sprinkled everywhere. The music is excellent. (Is there any way of getting the DLC soundtracks, without resorting to iTunes or Spotify?) As well as the nods back to previous Witcher games and books, and that at only a few hours in! You can just feel that this is a work of love, meant to send off Geralt and the series in style.


I like it so far. Only roughly three hours in and have done nothing but story quests, excited to see how things play out. And
I'm really liking Regis so far, he's a cool character though I don't entirely trust him for some reason.


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First impressions, Toussaint is a thing of beauty, gorgeous art all over the place, lovely details on every piece of furniture doors windows benches and everything else, it's fantastic work. Of particular note the draw distance is great this time around, no fog just beautiful plains and white mountains. The new score brought back memories and a flood of nostalgia as only great music can do. All in all it was a great first impression and definitely on course to fulfill my expectations!


Already spotted 2 game of thrones references. Also that short cut scene when you clear an abandoned area.. Awesome!!


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B and w is fantastic. My only gripe is that the gwent tournament is impossible to beat using the sucky skellige facyion. Been trying for 3 hours...


Ok, let me post some negative rant though i do adore Witcher 3 and the first expansion.

Just tried the second one. You guys have ruined the performance, i`ve played the original game + 1st expansion at maximum settings @ 55-60 fps, now i have noticable stuttering and low fps with different settings set from high to max. Just found out that the grass settings hurt performance a lot. I can set everything to max but keep grass at low\medium and it`s fine. But seriously, i`ve been able to achieve even better grass in Skyrim with thrid-party mods and it did not hurt the performance as much.

There are localization bugs RIGHT IN THE FIRST MESSAGE in the game (seriously, has *anyone* tested it? has anyone ever tried to launch the game with RU locale on?) resulting in "Welcome and thank you for purchasing" text ending with a "/font>" word.

You`ve yet again reset all my controls and i can`t bind anything anymore because the game says "You can`t do that right now".

You`ve remade my PC game interface to be more appropriate for consoles. There are BIG buttons now, BIG COLORFUL borders and the font that barely fits inside these borders should there be 2 lines of item name text on the loot pickup screen. It really looks out of place for a PC game now. You`ve remade inventory to be composed of two columns of items instead of one, but you wasted a lot of space inbetween. Thanks, now i have to scroll A LOT through my weapons and armor in case if I have a lot of weapons but no armor..

I see that you`ve been trying to make a better interface for gamepads. But i do NOT like gamepads, i do NOT like playing on a TV, it is NOT comfortable for me. Why ruin several positive aspects of the previous design? Why not make an option like you did for Geralt`s movement?

I really loved the original game and hearts of stone, why did you have to do this?


Finished main storyline of the DLC, haven't touched side quests yet. I want to provide some short feedback.

So far, considering the entire Witcher 3 game with all DLC included, I proclaim that this is the best game I've ever played in my life. I've been playing videogames since 1999 and games of such quality are very rare. I can count them on my fingers.
Before Witcher 3, TES Morrowind was top on my list.
So again, I would name Witcher 3 the best game without even hesitating.
Good job CD Project, keep it up! You are the hope of quality gaming.
Big thanks from me.
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What a ride ! :)

REDs really outdid themselves with this one! Brilliant experience - quests very well done and the ending branches are great! Thank you CDPR for the best experience in gaming ever!


did a fair bunch of side quests then tried doing all the main story branches by loading from certain turning points..played over 25 hours that's for sure and my map's full of question marks etc.


I dont understand how they decided to cut off Iorvet from the game? What's a poit of choises in second Witcher? I been waiting for his appearing during all game and DLC's. What the hell! i'm very dissapointed and i have no any aspiration to buy "Blood and wine".
It would be better to ask the fans first who should stay in the game!! Generally, I was a biggest fan of CDPR, until this moment.