The (Un)Offical HORSE Stutter Thread - Not addressed in 1.05 PC

Answer on nexus mod:
"Issue with the animation, we cannot do anything with animation files."

Yeah I saw that. A post by one modder on nexus is hardly gospel.

And I'll say it again, it may not be the animation file but a problem with the camera.

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It is not to the community to fix bugs... I really hope CDPR will fix this issue before the launch of the expansion... Otherwise i would be very like this:shock2: then:sadtriss:and :threaten:.

I'm with you there. It's not a community responsibility.

But I don't think RED cares at this point. They've chosen to ignore this thread for whatever reason. And It wouldn't surprise me if they begin focusing on their next project soon (maybe Cyberpunk?).

As I see it our options are:

1. A mod
2. Keeping the thread active in the hope that someone decides to respond. Maybe they hire some new people who, God forbid, are good at community relations.
3. Attract media attention (gaming mag, website, etc.)
4. Give up
I'm a freelance writer, and I usually work for a Scandinavian site, but they do have an English-speaking outlet as well. The thing is, I don't have direct access to the English-speaking site, so I would have to write something that's interesting enough for them to pick it up - because chances are my original article in my language most likely wouldn't reach too big of an audience.

To do that I need your help, because my technical knowledge is limited at best, and I've actually been struggling with how to write something about this without coming across as whining about what is in the end of the day a relatively minor issue in a huge and amazing game. That said, if there's even the slightest chance that we could at the very least get a response from the devs regarding this, I think it's worth it.

I won't promise anything right now, because as I said I only do freelance, I'm not an editor and I don't decide what goes live, but I'm willing to give this a shot. I'll start working on it later tonight most likely, but if anyone could PM me with as many details as possible that would be incredibly helpful - and don't worry about filling up my PM box, the more the merrier, really. In the meantime I will talk to my editor about formulating some questions for CDPR, as I will be reaching out to them for a comment. That's kind of the point of this whole thing after all, but again, I don't want to do this unless I know everything there is to know about this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Side note: I feel like an ass for not doing this sooner, as I have been following this issue since release, and I'm honestly shocked that more people didn't notice this the second they started playing. I think the main reason this hasn't been written about is that it's like I said; a relatively minor issue and chances are most players haven't even noticed. There is also probably a thought among some that this just isn't newsworthy, and to be honest I would agree if it wasn't for the fact that the developers have yet to respond to this specific issue, while they seem to have been very willing to talk about pretty much any other bug or problem. Coming from a developer like CDPR, that is weird and I'd like to know what's up.
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Coming from a developer like CDPR, that is weird and I'd like to know what's up.

Any help would be appreciated. I think if someone were to write an article about this, they could focus on the community relations aspect of it. There is a technical aspect to it, but any game this size is going to have issues after release. Some more than others, i.e. Arkham Knight for PC.

What makes this issue truly baffling is the way RED has responded. Silence here in the forums, nothing for those who opened tech support tickets, not a peep from the developers at all. There's a growing perception that game developers are losing touch with consumers. Haft finished games being released, overpriced DLC, and general lack of content are all examples of this. RED is supposed to be different. I expect this lack of community dialogue from EA (EA purchasing RED rumors aside).

I don't blame the developers. They made a great game that was bound to have a few issues. I blame the community relations people (Marcin and company) for not caring enough to write a couple of sentences for the people who care about this issue. But then again what could they say at this point. "Hey, sorry we've been ignoring you for the last 5 months. We can't fix this because..........(insert BS)".
The forum is not an official tech support vehicle, nor is it appropriate for developers to respond casually or prematurely. Charges of overpriced DLC are frivolous: what do you want, a check with your free DLC?
The forum is not an official tech support vehicle, nor is it appropriate for developers to respond casually or prematurely. Charges of overpriced DLC are frivolous: what do you want, a check with your free DLC?

That's strange it says tech support at the top of the page. Regardless, the "official" tech support hasn't helped at all either.

I agree with you on one thing, I don't expect them to respond casually or prematurely, though it has been 4 months. I do expect them to respond however. And I wasn't leveling the DLC charge against CDPR, obviously the DLC is free. I was speaking generally about trends in the gaming industry and how CDPR is supposed to be better.

I do have a question though. What is the purpose of the forums from CDPR's point of view? I know mods don't work for them directly but I thought you might have some insight.
Thank you very much for the response Marcin. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it - and to top it off, you bring good news as well!
Fix the horse stutter animation and allow players to disable the camera auto-centering, THEN you have a winner. Hopefully the next patch will address both of those long-standing issues.
We've managed to address this problem and the ultimate fix will be introduced in the big patch released before the expansion pack #1.

It sounds very very very nice!!! Thanks a lot!! At last I'll walk slowly in the vast terrain while enjoying watching the beautiful scenario. How much time I've waiting for it :unworthy:.
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