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This is the best art of Triss I could find. Hope you like it



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Geralt is departing to find allies.

At the exit of the fortress, on the door there was an announcement.
" I’ve been captured by the evil lord who plagues this land, please save me before he sacrifices me to his evil gods.
PS: I’ve left some bread crumbs to mark the trail”

Geralt:Triss are you serious?(smile)
Geralt using the witcher senses follows the trail.

Geralt: Alright Triss, want to play? Play, "I big bad White Wolf, looking for little Red Riding Hood."

Geralt: Hmmm it's kind of traces Triss,so I'm getting close(he looks at Pentequistor )very close!

Picking up the device, he heads further underground, the signal getting stronger as he goes.
Halfway through he hears a scream and sees Triss running at full speed towards him, in her underwear and with her hands shacked, a couple of nekker not far behind.

Triss: 'panting)Geralt!'
Geralt: 'Nice outfit.'
Triss: 'Save it! The nek---'

He fights the monsters and once they are dispatched there’s a cutscene, where more Nekker are shown coming in the back.

Geralt: 'Quickly Triss, teleport us out.'
Triss: 'I can’t (showing her arms). Dimeritium still on me.'
Geralt: 'Fuck, you had to use REAL thing?'
Triss: 'Had to make it work, the device-'
Geralt: 'Later! Get behind me.'


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Fight with another wave of nekker.

Geralt: 'Triss, where are the keys.'
Triss: '(looking down, embarrassed). The “evil lord” has them.'
Geralt: '(Rolling his eyes) Oh Triss........Where?'
T: 'Just a little further down... I’m gonna kill Lambert, he told me this cave was empty.'
G: 'He got a weird sense of humor... let’s go.'

They both make their way deeper into the cave,fighting yet another wave of nekker.

Eventually they reach a chamber with an ancient altar in the middle

A little further to the wall sitting 'Evil Lord'

Geralt: “That” is the evil lord?(laughs)
Triss: Hey I’m a sorceress, not an artist. Just find the keys all right?
Geralt starting rummaging through.
Triss: Find them yet?
Geralt: Hmmm...Damn--No, are you sure you put them here?
Triss: So Geralt calm down, I don't run, just focus on that.
(Searches for a bit more). 'Here'--shouted Geralt.Now let’s get those things-
(Turns around and finds Triss laying down on the altar, her hands behind her head mimicking being bound)

Triss: My hero, you saved me! Quickly, unbind me and claim your prize!
Geralt: '(eager smile) Awwww..... No need to tell me twice.'

Geralt “frees” her using the key and Triss grabs him.

After about 10 minutes in the cave were loud moans Triss they went on like that for 1 hour..Echo has spread even outside of the cave

Later Triss uses her magic to get dressed again.'

Geralt: 'I never pegged you for the “damsel in distress type.”
Triss:'Oh Geralt! What woman doesn’t want a strong, handsome hero to come to her rescue?'
Geralt: 'Mmh. I suppose you are right. I wish I had more contracts that ended up like this.'
Triss: '(laughing) I'll think of something...I have a few interesting things(kiss)......Back to reality I guess... You need to get Ciri.'
Geralt: 'Don’t worry; I’ll bring her back safe.'
Triss: 'I know you will... Just, take care of yourself too ok? And Geralt... thank you... for all of this.'
Geralt:For rescuing you from the evil tyrant?it's my job Triss and for that...... hmm you paid me!

Triss: 'No silly... for what you said in the docks.Will never forget it..If you knew what I felt at that moment.I thought never see you again.... that this is the last 5 minutes.......and then you told me.... that.... you love me...... first time..... it was.... like something tearing inside.Then I didn't tell you the same.... I love you Geralt.There, just... Come back to me... I can’t lose you again, not now, not ever...'

Geralt:And I was a fool because he didn't tell you sooner....I’ll come back, I promise...
(long kiss)

P.S.Well now we have to think something else and come up with new screenshots,but while my brain a rest:coffee:


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Well now we have to think something else and come up with new screenshots
I will be waiting!

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Do you know where and when this scene take place ??
It's definitely not from TW2.

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Triss cosplay.

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Geralt: Ok Triss, you get 10 points for the chest, 20 points for the head and 50 points for the ummm 'lower region'!
Triss: Too easy

Geralt: That was too painful to watch
Triss: Now you know, don't mess with me
Geralt: Uhh well at least you won't do that to me
Triss: Of course not Geralt, i wouldn't do that to you........yet
Geralt: What?
Triss: Nothing, nothing *smiles*

And once you get through that terrible dialogue, here is some more fan-art
Once in Kovir.

Triss:'There's something I want to show you.Close your eyes. I you somewhere to teleport..'
Geralt:'Oh no Triss, not only teleports.'

Triss:' It's worth it Geralt......Open...'

Triss:'You like it?'
Triss:'Well, how you deal with all of us?'
Geralt:'Of course, I can handle with all of you, well, comes to me.'

Geralt woke up, someone hit him on the head.

Triss:'Geralt !WAKE UP! This is who you will cope? And who do you dream about ?And a few? Geralt, I'm losing patience.'
Geralt: 'Ohhh Triss you wouldn't believe.'
Triss:' I'll try Geralt, i very a try.... A week without sex!
Geralt: 'Triss but......
Triss:' 2 week'

Well now we know what really wants Geralt! And !Well we know what they in Kovir not miss!:mellow:


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The moment when she knows the time for bidding farewell is nigh;
When she realizes both their feelings aren't gone at all;
The obvlivion bliss was all but too brief;
When she knows she has to move on...but will she?

In her voice I can hear the will;
In her words I can hear her determination;
In her eyes...I can see her hesitation.
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[size=+2]Triss and Geralt in Kovir (by BVBUTD)[/size]

Personal review: very nice, i love this story, it is well written eventhough really short, can anybody continue this one :cry:

I’ve been very bored over the last few days so I wrote this very short story around the life that awaits Geralt and Triss in Kovir. So here it is.

“Kovir really is quite lovely this time of year; I guess Triss wasn’t lying.” Thought Geralt as he looked at the pine-covered hillsides which surrounded his new homestead. Kovir was a famous for its abundance of natural resources; it might not look like a simple mining town from the surface but beneath the mountains and streams lays a complex labyrinth of tunnels. Rouch didn’t exactly share Geralt’s sentiments however; she was tired and beginning to show signs of hunger. Geralt and his steed had just left the main square, near the city’s center. He was returning home with a plethora of food and house hold essentials, for which the merchants where less than happy to sell to him at a king’s discount. Being the other half to the king’s adviser has its benefits, the biggest of which was being able to finally spend time with his beloved Triss. Geralt’s admiration for the scenery was cut short by the arrival of a late evening storm, reaching slowly over the mountain as if it were trying to pull him off his path.

“Damn storms, I can’t let this food get wet or Triss will roast me. Come on Rouch!” Geralt shouted as he tightened his grip on the reins and kicked at Rouch’s sides.

The scent of apple pies had become a signature of his new home and witcher scenes or no, was impossible to ignore. Geralt was always left with a smile at the scent and today was no different. Geralt took Rouch to the stable outside the house and relieved her of the load of goods, which had become quite the burden and he went inside. Triss was preparing some supper in their kitchen, Geralt had never been one to indulge in the simple niceties others might call common practice, but having a freshly baked meal every night was something he hoped would never change.

“Hey Triss” Geralt had stealthily snuck up behind her and wrapped his hands around her waist. “How was your day?”
Triss, slightly surprised turned to face her lover. “Good” she giggled looking at Geralt.
“Just good?” questioned Geralt looking back.
“You seem awfully happy today, did you get everything?” responded Triss, still caught in Geralt’s embrace.
“I did and I’m always happy to see you Triss” smiled Geralt, watching as Triss began to blush
“Is that so, witcher?” she responded.
Geralt nodded “but I also have something to show you” hinted Geralt as he reached into the pocket of his belt.
“What is it?” asked Triss as she looked at the folded piece of paper.
“Read it” Geralt responded passing over the paper.
“A contract?” she inquired
“My first one in Kovir” Geralt answered “A few miners dug into a Nekker’s burrow. Instead of turning around and ceiling it off they tried to destroy it and now they have an infestation.”
“A problem fit for a witcher I suppose” interrupted Triss
“Apparently so…” responded Geralt. They both stood there silent for a few seconds. The mood began to shift.
“If you don’t want be to do it, I won’t” said Geralt as he took a step back.
“No Geralt, I want you to do it. I just worry is all, I mean it’s been a month since we moved and you haven’t been tested since.” Responded Triss grasping Geralt’s hands
“I know Triss but I’ve been a witcher my entire life, I can afford to take one month off and a group of Nekkers isn’t very high risk even for the lowliest of witchers.” Geralt responded looking lovely at Triss.
“I know, I love you Geralt, I hate to think what I would do without you” Triss responded, starting to tear up.
“Don’t think about it, I’m not going anywhere, I swear” Geralt said as he pulled Triss tightly against his chest. The two stayed holding each other listening to the rain on the rooftop.
“Geralt are you wet?” asked Triss
“I tried to race the storm home but Rouch wasn’t being very helpful.” chuckled Geralt
“Apparently not” said Triss with a smile
“I’ll go have a bath and get cleaned up before supper.” Geralt suggested as he turned to leave.
“Supper can wait, give me a few moments and I’ll join you.” responded Triss
Geralt smiled “I’ll be waiting.”

The end. Sorry for the long post but there was no way around it. I haven’t read the books, so the only thing I know about Kovir is their ore mines, as it was mentioned a few hundred pages ago in this thread. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the short tale.

I thought I’d continue the short story I wrote about Triss and Geralt in Kovir. So commence part 2.

The storm had raged throughout the night leaving behind a few puddles and morning dew spread over the hills. The rays of sunlight split the room and despite the curtain’s best efforts, had awoken Geralt from his sleep. He turned over expecting to see Triss still sleeping beside him, though the room was empty. “Triss?” Geralt, a bit confused sat up. The empty room didn’t respond. Geralt quickly got dressed and went down stairs.
“Good morning” Triss said watching as Geralt, still half asleep struggled to walk down the stairs.
“You’re up early, or did I sleep in” he questioned, turning to Triss. She was sitting near the door lacing up her boots.
“A bit of both I imagine, can’t blame you, neither of us got much sleep last night” responded Triss with a smile.
“True. Just let me get some of my gear and we can leave” he said returning the smile.
“You’re going into town too?”
“No, but its close to the mines. I’ll drop you off on the way, if you want?”
“I’d like that”
Geralt returned to the bedroom and his retrieved his hunting gear, ogroid oil, sallow and grapeshot not to mention his two long swords.
“That should be all I need for the contract” thought Geralt, he was more excited then he had expected for a simple nekker contract.
“Lets go” locking the thick wooden door behind him and he turning to see Triss waiting with Rouch.

The gates to main king’s grand estate were within eyeshot. His land was deserving of that title and even more. The courtyard was littered with expensive fountains and rare plant life, for which even a man as well travelled as Geralt was unfamiliar with. Beyond the courtyard lay a castle build as if it were to emulate the power the king wielded in the north. With towers that reached to the sky to the hundreds of guards on petrol day and night, this would be enough to sent any invader crying home.
“Hope were not late” said Triss holding onto Geralt’s waist as she sat behind him, while he steered Rouch along the path. “It’s never a good idea to leave a sorceress waiting, I would know” smirked Geralt
“No, no it isn’t” whispered Triss wrapping her hands around his waist, sequencing tightly.

When they reached the gate Triss handed over the permit to the guard. He was large, a bit too big for his armor in fact and sweating profusely.
“Miss Merigold.” The guard nodded
“A Miss Eilhart is waiting for you near the hall” he continued before returning the permit.
“Great” Geralt mumbled under his breath.
“Thank you” Triss responded to the guard, giving Geralt a look.

Philippa, as the guard had said was waiting, her gaze, though technically non-excitant followed Geralt and Triss as they approached.
“It’s good to see you Philippa”
“Morning Triss”
“No greetings from my favorite witcher” She said in a sarcastic tone.
“Philippa” Geralt nodded
“I might not be able to see but I can still sense the displeasure in your voice”
“She might be blind but she’s still just as revered as she was years ago” warned Triss
“Oh Triss you haven’t even seen me with a cane in my hand, but maybe you can ask your beloved Geralt, I’m sure he remembers.” Philippa responded, smiling at them both.
“I’d rather not relive that memory” interrupted Geralt
“Smart boy, now come along Triss the council is waiting” advised Philippa
“Ok” Responded Triss
“Geralt, I better see you in one piece when you get back” she said looking back at him
“Don’t worry Triss, I’ll be fine” They kissed goodbye before Triss hurried into the halls with Philippa.

Geralt returned to the gate where Rouch had been waiting although there had been an issue with the guards. The heat from the morning sun had caused the large guard to collapse from exhaustion, knocking Rouch and spilling some of Geralt’s gear onto the ground.
“I’m sorry Master Witcher Sir, I fell. I swear it’s the hea” pleaded the guard
“If anything is damaged, you’ll pay for it in blood. Now… be quiet” interrupted Geralt, staring the guard into submission. The guard swallowed any pride he had left and nodded.

As Geralt collected his gear he found a memento he had long since forgot was hidden deep within his personal belongings. The rose of remembrance he had found while searching for Triss in Novigrad. Though it was still withered just the memories it held were enough to make Geralt smile.
“Mmm… master witcher” quivered the guard still to scared to get up off the ground.
Geralt’s tone changed “What” he responded putting the rose in his front pocket.
“Your gear is it?” questioned the man, fearing the worst
“Broken… yes, some of it, a few potions to be specific.” Replied Geralt
“Oh no please, sir I’ll pay, I don’t have any coin now but I’ll get some. I swear it” begged the guard.
“Fine, I have business else where. I don’t have the time for this now.” agreed Geralt.
“Thank you masterful witcher” thanked the guard, nearly crying with gratitude.
“Next time I see you, you better have my coin or there will unpleasant consequences. Do you understand?” asked the witcher, as he climbed onto Rouch.
“Yes, yes. I understand, it won’t be an issue” said the guard as he returned to his feet.
Geralt grew tired of playing the ‘scary witcher’ and road off to the mines.

Too bad, he drop the fan-fiction.....please, don't kill me :sofa:
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